New energy vehicles to 25 pilot cities battery leasing development

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New energy vehicles to 25 pilot cities battery leasing development

Vehicle is entering a new energy policy to support a comprehensive stage. Yesterday, General Motors in Shanghai at the "electrification - the future driving force," the forum, China Electric Power Research Institute Director of the Institute superconducting electrical power and new materials to well-off, deputy director of the Institute revealed that China is stepping up efforts to support new energy vehicles, has 10 City 1000 saving and new energy vehicle demonstration pilot cities from 20 to 25.

Meanwhile, the new energy automotive batteries for the high cost prices much higher than conventional vehicles concerned, Tongji University Dean, the national fuel cell vehicles and power engineering technology research center director Zhuoping said, China is encouraging the development of large-scale battery leasing business.

The battery is still too high proportion of the cost

LG Chemical CEO Tyre said that despite the falling cost of lithium batteries, the cost per watt to less than $ 200 from receiving $ 25, but the battery cost is still too high proportion of total vehicle costs, This reduces the cost of new energy vehicles, and affect consumer buying. According to statistics, in the new energy vehicles, the battery costs of up to 70%, labor costs accounted for only about 10%.

High cost of the battery current, and promote the development of new energy vehicles, financial subsidies is essential. GM China President and Managing Director Kevin Wale said, "compared with any country in the world, China's new energy vehicles for the support and subsidies are quite leading."

Encourage large-scale battery lease

When asked about the "new energy vehicles over how to solve your" problem, Tongji University Dean, the national fuel cell vehicles and Power Engineering Technology Research Center, an innovative model Zhuoping throw.

Zhuoping pointed out that China is to encourage large-scale battery leasing, taking into account the mode of transfer payments or installments, reducing the cost of using new energy vehicles. If we consider the cost of the late charge, the cost of new energy vehicles will be far higher than conventional cars.

Zhuoping detailed example that if the vehicle battery can be charged 1000 times, then according to statistical data, typically 10 degrees per charge can run 100 kilometers, charge 1000 can run 100,000 km, Shanghai low electricity costs only when the charge 3,000 yuan. The displacement of 6-7 liters of gasoline cars, running 100 000 km fuel consumption cost 40,000 yuan. Therefore, taking into account the tens of thousands of new energy vehicles to purchase subsidies, and the battery lease or hire purchase, then the cost of new energy vehicles will be far higher than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Zhuoping said, "five" will become China's large-scale electric vehicle development period. Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, Development and Reform Commission have introduced support measures. Accordance with the development plan, 2015, China's automotive battery module, electric vehicles will reach hundreds of million.

Battery leasing existing pilot

Reporters learned that, in fact, the battery has started leasing in the country. Ankai battery has been testing the waters in the domestic leasing model.

Beginning last year, Ankai in Hefei, Dalian, Shanghai, the implementation of the "rent to buy" pure electric car battery leasing model. To a price of 200 million pure electric passenger car, for example, remove the battery price is 120 million, minus the state financial subsidies to 50 million users simply take 70 million, which has the traditional bus almost the same price.

In addition, JAC, public Motors, have also started leasing the layout of the battery market.

It is understood that the battery lease can reduce the threshold for the use of new energy vehicles, vehicle prices will fall significantly. At the same time, consumers can avoid the short battery life and post-maintenance and other issues.

National Grid to increase the charging station

To develop the battery in the lease, while increasing national power grid is actively responding to the new energy vehicle charging stations.

To well-off that the charge to address new energy vehicles and other ancillary issues. End of this year, National Grid will be built in 27 provinces and 75 charging stations charging more than 6,000 piles; 2011 to 2016, will build 400 electric car charging stations, electric car charging network formed; 2016-2020 years, will create 10,000 electric car charging stations, charging piles supporting the building fully operational, and built a complete electric car charging network.


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