New lithium battery separator and the project put into operation

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New lithium battery separator and the project put into operation

Jiang Su Yuanyu Electronics Group Changzhou Branch Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to party building and the new lithium-ion battery separator and storage battery project, officially put into operation last week.

The project is far from Chengdu Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Yu Electronic Co., Ltd. with the cooperation of the crystallization of Science and Technology Achievement. Currently, the company's new lithium ion battery separator and water-based adhesive, an international initiative, has applied for Japanese, Korean and American patents, they developed a manganese lithium-ion polymer batteries and lithium, are also highly supercapacitor applications prospects. The scale production in Changzhou polymer lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries have a higher than normal safety and longer life, for communications, home appliances, automobile and other industries.

Back in July 2007, Yu Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd. to cooperate with Chengdu Organic Chemistry, respectively, was set up in Chengdu, Changzhou and to parties in the Energy Technology Division Ltd., Chengdu Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences to undertake a comprehensive in terms of lithium products, technologies and R & D team. Among them, the Chengdu Branch to side in R & D, pilot production after the success of the lead, lithium produced in the first half last year, new materials and new products have entered the domestic market. Subsequently, the company in Changzhou in the Division to undertake a comprehensive production side projects.


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