New Union constitution acid batteries power system integration industry, technological innovation child Tyuugoku lithium

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New Union constitution acid batteries power system integration industry, technological innovation child Tyuugoku lithium

First name: Li-ion battery power system of China Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance

Alliance is determined in the second lithium-ion battery power system technology and equipment innovation a key development in lithium-ion battery system technology development and related manufacturing process and product research, development, production, manufacturing, and service enterprises and institutions voluntarily.

Article Alliance are: collaboration, drive innovation, and common development.

Union is committed to the industrial production enterprises and research institutes, universities, between the upstream and downstream industries to establish an effective running between the new mechanism for research cooperation and realize common development of alliance members. Alliances and business development needs based on the common interests of all parties to enhance the industrial technological innovation as the goal, a legally binding contract for the protection, formation of joint development, complementary advantages, benefit-sharing, risk-sharing technology Innovative Cooperation.

Union, the National Science and Technology Article, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Beijing Economic and Information Technology Commission's operational guidance and other relevant ministries, to accept the power Professional Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce / Beijing Power Supply Association's specific guidance, compliance with laws and regulations of the PRC comply with industry standards, strictly implement the state on industrial energy conservation and promoting the development of innovation policies.

Article V Alliance main tasks are:

The use of independent innovation and integrated innovation, combined with full pooling of existing resources, complete the following main tasks:

1 to lithium-ion battery system based on standards, standardization of research carried out, and gradually establish and perfect the lithium-ion battery power system standardization system, as the key technology research and product development standards support.

2, Li-ion battery power system to carry out integrated key technologies, key components and product research. Based on "standard system based on lithium-ion batteries", the basic form of standardization, universal serial battery module and assembly products and industrial base, to promote the lithium-ion batteries in the energy, transportation, communications and people's livelihood gradually replace high-pollution areas, behind the low performance of lead-acid batteries and other basis.

3, according to the planning and development of related industries in China, "the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan," according to the development of lithium-ion battery industry status quo, in 1 to 2 years, priority to the completion of light electric vehicles and passenger cars powered integrated system key technologies, key zero parts and product research, and industrial construction, supporting the formation of large-scale production capacity. Technical performance of the battery conditions are ripe, to carry out real-time plug-in hybrid electric vehicle power integrated system of research and industrial construction.

4, with the national "public energy supply system of electric vehicles," development planning, in 1 to 2 years to complete standardization of the basic rental system battery module of the key technologies and products for the establishment of a total energy of electric vehicles to the system of public provision of technical and industrial support.

5, led by the Association for the power line, the establishment of lithium-ion battery research and test platform for system integration, interconnect products to carry out research and test certification and technical support for system integration.

6, led by industry associations, relying on alliances, the establishment of lithium-ion battery power system technical support for the public platform to promote and facilitate industrial development.

7, market-oriented, members of the League as the backbone, to mutual benefit, the principle of complementary advantages, lithium-ion battery system for the effective transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the formation of the Union's intellectual property rights protection principles and to develop reasonable to establish a sound technical transfer mechanisms.

Article VI Union objective are:

1, Union, short-term goal is: Within two years, complete the standardization of the basic lithium-ion battery module and the assembly of key components and products R & D and industrial construction; completed 2 to 3 electric vehicles by using key technologies and integrated systems product research and industrial construction; basically completed the public energy supply system of electric vehicles and products of key technologies and industrial construction; basic building a mature technology, products supporting the integration of lithium-ion battery system products industry base and suppliers.

2, the long-term goal: the lithium-ion battery system, charging system, the discharge system and the maintenance management system, a systematic study of key technologies, for three to five years, complete with independent intellectual property rights of the basic lithium-ion batteries power the key to integrated system technology, key components and product research, to promote China's lithium-ion battery industry and the common key energy saving technology, strive to restrict the development of lithium-ion battery industry has made substantial breakthroughs in bottleneck technologies. The Union into a lithium ion battery power system common key key technology platform, system integration platform for key components and product development, system integration products, industrial base, and lithium-ion battery system of professional and technical personnel training base for the alliance as lithium side of the field-ion battery system flag, Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation System as an important part.


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