Nokia car charger emergency recall of lithium-ion battery, how do

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Nokia car charger emergency recall of lithium-ion battery, how do

Nokia filed, many people will thumbs up. Indeed, Nokia mobile phone in the phone holds a high reputation. However, according to foreign media reports, Nokia on Monday announced a recall of 14 million worldwide by the sub-contractors for the manufacture of a defective charger. Nokia spokesman James Ethridge (JamesEtheridge) said the recall involves "some 14 million worldwide charger," the company will replace them free of charge the charger could cause electric shock. Nokia said it now "has not received any of these chargers related accidents and injuries." Ace Ridge said the recall does not involve China, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina and other parts of the country.

Ace Ridge pointed out that the defective charger model for the June 15, 2009 to August 9, 2009 between the production of AC-3E, and AC-3U, and this year April 13 to October 25 During the production of AC-4U charger. AC-3E charger, put the main European markets, the other two are mainly exported to North America and charger Latin America. Chargers by three sub-contractors, BYD.

Lift the battery indeed in the social life occupies an important position. Car lithium battery is more and more into people's lives. With the increasingly hybrid and electric vehicles closer to production, the concern of the lithium-ion batteries have begun to shift from the economic practicality of security. At the recent meeting of plug-in cars at a panel discussion, several speakers said that once the battery to achieve this advanced mass production, significant cost reduction is possible.

During a routine quality inspection, Nokia confirmed by a third party supplier quality problems produced by the charger, the charger's plastic housing which could result in separation of internal components exposed loose, so the charger into the outlet, if touch the charger some internal components may cause an electric shock hazard. But so far, have not found such an incident. These chargers mainly by BYD on June 15, 2009 to August 9, 2009 between the production of AC-3U series, AC-3E series charger, at April 13, 2009 to October 2009 25, series production of AC-4U charger.

Members of this advanced battery safety has not expressed concern over the battery in the consumer electronics products have appeared on the phenomenon of overheating and fire.

JohnsonControls-SaftAdvancedBatterySystems hybrid battery system is responsible for government affairs and external relations director MichaelAndrew said the company's goal is to lithium-ion battery pack cost reduction by 50%.

He said, JCI-Saft batteries are installed not only to consider the cost of materials, but also consider the battery production. He said that the battery manufacturers can learn how to other industries more efficient lithium-ion battery production experience.

Andrew said, "We now have an opportunity to revolutionize the production of these batteries." "We think we can learn from other industries in the process technology used to quickly reduce costs."

Evenly matched with gasoline

He said, JCI's goal is to create a hybrid or electric vehicles for the use of the battery pack, allows consumers to spend and spend three years of the same gasoline engine.

Nissan North America manufacturing engineering and vehicle production MarkSwenson vice president of engineering, said lower 2012 model Nissan Leaf plans electric vehicle costs involved in manufacturing battery and battery in the vehicle manufacturing plant will be assembled into battery packs.

Swenson said, "We plan to plant the production of non-stop throughout the day to let the investment in production equipment to maximize." He said, Leaf but Nissan plans to sell in North America, one of several electric vehicles.

A123SystemsInc.'s RicFulop vice president of business development, said he believed that as the industry matures, the cost of the battery pack can be reduced by 9% per year. More battery power to make some cost savings, but can also optimize the production process and use high quality materials to cut other costs.

More power

DowChemicalCo. Global RaviRamanathan director of business development, said cost of the battery power can also make a stronger and more efficient batteries, and control quality during production to be cut.

Carmakers do not talk about hybrid and electric vehicle battery pack used in the cost. However, some estimated to be Chevrolet Volt lithium-ion batteries used in the cost estimate of about 8,000 U.S. dollars.

Ramanathan said, "the high cost of the battery, you must come down." He said, the initial cost may be high, because the car manufacturers of cars and batteries to over-design to ensure that consumers will not appear on the technical loss of goodwill of mechanical failure.

Read signs carefully when parking

In other countries, each city's parking rules will be different, even the same city, different parts of the day at different times, a week on different days, there will be changes. Today may allow you to stop, not allowed out tomorrow. So, if do not know which laws, then stop, be sure to see signs, so as not to get a ticket.

Due to space limitations, we can only say that such a seven rules. To tell the truth, these "strange rules" that we can learn, because this is the real car society should look like. China's car when the environment can progress to the extent that they did, then we will have a solid foundation, we are not big power cars, but the car power.


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