Nuggets lithium battery venture

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Nuggets lithium battery venture

Despite the global economic downturn continues, but the rapid growth of Shenzhen Shan Mu battery is the theme of development in recent years. It created the risk of investors also insisted that the Eastern Investment Company Limited for the industry, this is the best period of development.

Lithium battery spring

"Our growth in 2009 will reach 90%." Hill, chairman of the battery timber Chenming Jun said. 2008 Mountain wood more than 80 million yuan in revenue, an increase of up to 300%, while Chen Mingjun targeted for 2009 at 1.5 million.

Hill Wood car lithium battery in March 2008 formally put into operation, to achieve a profit of that year, and accounted for 50% of company revenues. Hill Wood in 2008 the Beijing Olympic Games supplier of electric vehicle batteries, the success of wood into the Beijing Olympics to the mountain has brought new opportunities. Chenming Jun said, mountain wood has been the Shanghai World Expo 30 million of orders, Hill Wood will assume the battery bus 40, including tour buses and public transport buses. Not long ago, the Ministry of Finance jointly with the Ministry of Science below, energy conservation and new energy vehicles in 13 cities in the pilot, the Government provides subsidies. Hill Wood successfully nominated supporting electric cars lithium battery supply.

Chenming Jun graduated from the Harbin Institute of Electrochemistry professional nearly 20 years of experience in battery industry, Hill Wood was established in 2004, the first major production of button batteries, into the 2006 R & D of lithium iron phosphate, the first in December 2007 Lithium iron phosphate pilot was completed and officially put into operation in March next year. Battery Hill Wood Nissan is currently 50,000, its first production line of the design capacity to 20 million.

Chen Mingjun said, because the storage capacity of lithium battery power big, and the instantaneous charge and discharge high power, so has the appropriate technology and process a higher threshold, the mountain of wood with their own technology, and formed the industry.

In this field, national and world technical development of basic synchronization, dynamic positioning of the battery system integrators, making Hill Wood will be the main direction of the market targeting vehicle power batteries, power tools, UPS, telecom base stations, energy storage, solar energy storage such as future market large areas.

Boost investment in creating the East

Buffett's Investment in BYD for the same period, Shenzhen, Eastern Investment Co., Ltd. invested nearly 2,000 million to invest in mountain wood.

"Electric cars are 863 major projects in 2030 will reach the scale of production of electric vehicles, 10 million, according to a target price per vehicle power battery 1 million terms, the economic benefits of battery power to light up 100 billion yuan." Responsible for creating the East Hill Wood, general manager of investment projects, investment banking analysts say gold Angsheng.

Chong Zhang Huixian Eastern president, said: "'focus on long-term value, taking into account the recent income', is to create the basic point of the East choose to invest in businesses." New energy, new materials, new services, new market development, agriculture, has tremendous prospects for industry-leading companies to become investment targets East record. Record established less than two years the East has raised five investment funds, about 3 billion, 17 successful investment projects, investment funds totaling 200 million yuan. In addition to Hill Wood, the star source material, UK seed industry, creating the world and other financial investment by the industry is to create the East recognized as a quality project.

And financial background of many general practitioners VC is different, the highest investment team is engineering the east, the main background of business executives. Shaw created the leader of Eastern Water Dragon in the East before the creation of record for the Shenzhen International Trust and Investment Corporation (Shenzhen Investment) Director, Vice President of Shenzhen International Trust and Investment has presided over more than 2 years of work. Investment in the deep country nearly 20 years of work experience, who presided over SZITIC negotiating a joint venture with Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart SZITIC as chairman of the joint venture for 12 years, engaged in a number of major real estate, stock investment, and was 5 years as a listed company chairman. Chong Zhang Huixian the East as the president of the Shenzhen International Cooperation Group director of real estate, industrial investment, and involvement in the venture capital business in 2001, presided over 17 projects of investment.

Oriental core team of engineering innovation, executives in the background so that it can be the subject of further investment to provide expert services. Investment in the mountains of wood, creating the East together with his long-term strategy to develop business, fine management processes, improve financial risk control, and even the mountain of wood matchmaking business development. "Help create the East Hill Wood and Tongji University to establish cooperation relations, and Hill Wood recommended to Chang'an, Fukuda and other car manufacturers, and to help Hill Wood and the world's largest manufacturer of Bosch power tools to establish contact." Chenming Jun said.

"Investment is the service" is the Xiao Long, chairman of the water for the development of the East created different from other VC's corporate philosophy, the highest investment targets for each of the East to provide more services outside investment. Since 2000, Shaw SZITIC water dragon head of equity investment and management, he attached great importance to Wal-Mart's Shenzhen Investment, Guoxin Securities, Shenzhen International Trust and Investment Real Estate, Shenzhen Investment Properties, Hong Ta innovation Shenzhen Investment Investment business investment services. Provide high-quality investment, investment services in place, the words "humble man, professional work" means interaction with others, Xiao water dragon SZITIC won Park, the new chief investment officer prior to listing materials (15.97, -1.09, -6.39%) (600,525) chance, this investment has brought the country to vote for the deep net profit of 1.6 billion, net assets of the country voted for the deep contribution to more than 50%. Shaw Water Dragon's "boost business, share growth" investment philosophy is to create the East to win more and better investment opportunities.

"A more than Oriental in the investment services allows us to participate in many projects, although late intervention, but the final goal of the enterprise can be welcomed." Zhang Huixian said.


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