Old polysilicon and solar cell short-term rise in prices is difficult

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Old polysilicon and solar cell short-term rise in prices is difficult

Market demand for solar power in June was back to temperature, but, in addition to the spot price of polysilicon in the past because of limited production and low prices of killing, the price began to rise, the other including international long-established plant of polysilicon, silicon cross, solar cells and other products prices not much change, there is still oversupply in the shadow of mainly short-term rise in prices is still hard.

Despite the growth in demand for polysilicon raw materials by the downstream effects of a single month price rose 10% to 60 U.S. dollars per kilogram, but the international level polysilicon old about 70 U.S. dollar per kilogram to maintain stable water levels downstream to bargain again with some difficulty, but There is also no rising trend.

In addition to polysilicon, the silicon wafer and solar energy including solar cells, prices were to maintain the water level in the early June, 6-inch silicon wafer about 3.5 per unit quoted U.S. dollars, per watt of solar cells offer about 1.5 U.S. dollars, no further decline in prices trend, but there is no increase in the phenomenon.

June orders for solar energy market is mainly based on the European market is still dominated, although optimistic about demand in Q3, but there is still concern about whether the stock is unknown, the instant when the fall in demand for goods increased, as expected if the demand, the manufacturers are operating at full capacity will encounter the problem of oversupply, nearly 2 months is still important to wait and see period changes in demand.

For these reasons, the majority of the silicon wafer and solar cell manufacturers are still not dare raise prices, demand for only a brief return to worry about temperature, once the decline in demand, the prices of producers will be faced with the possibility of customers quickly transfer elsewhere, so the current the mainland market have not spread to the silicon wafer and solar cell prices news.

Also for the silicon wafer and solar cell manufacturers, raw material because of the past in the absence of many of the high long-term contracts signed, so the shadow of high inventory of raw materials, but also a lot of consideration, another, the spot price of raw materials are obtained at a relatively low will also affect the stock of raw materials to market.


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