Optical output in 2010 year

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August 9, Fujian Photovoltaic Industry Development Forum and Quanzhou (Nan An ibm 02k7040 , ibm 02k7050) photovoltaic project promotion Matchmaking Symposium was held in Nam and high-tech business incubator base seven items on the same day held a groundbreaking ceremony, with a total investment amounting to 1.146 billion yuan . Nanan Optoelectronic Information Industry Base on the future development of planning issues, Nanan City Vice Mayor Liu Zhiping accepted the reporter an exclusive interview.

Have the advantages of industrial chain

The “Golden Triangle bosses”: At present, Jinjiang, Hoi An, Licheng all related industries in the development, you feel What are the advantages compared to Nam?

Liu Zhiping: Nan develop optoelectronics industry’s greatest strength is ibm 02k7054 , ibm 02k7072 that, with the supply of raw material advantages of silicon. High-purity silicon photovoltaic products is the main raw material, who mastered the purification technology, it is tantamount to grasp the lifeline of the development of the optoelectronics industry. The advantages are mainly due to Nanan Nanan three crystalline silicon company, which is currently the few materials have silicon purification technology company.

At present, the three crystalline silicon company independently developed high-purity solar-grade silicon purification technology, physics, materials, production requirements in line with solar cells, conversion rate of 17%, technology is relatively mature. The technology is widely used at home and abroad compared to the Siemens gas-phase purification, not only costs less, yield, non-polluting, solar energy and can replace imported high-purity silicon, broke the blockade by foreign countries against China’s technology and product limitations.

Some time ago, Nam recruit the most authoritative scholars of optoelectronic information industry has done a optoelectronic information industry base in the planning and feasibility studies, with three crystalline silicon company as a leader, to lead the downstream solar cell, LED industry.

In the first phase of the project, we are founded on science and technology ibm 08b8178 , ibm 08k8035 public services, and industry chain supporting facilities started to build three major platforms. Such as high-tech enterprise incubators, business incubators feature will cover the public service platform for scientific and technological, scientific and technological achievements into center and training center for scientific and technological aspects such as; 25-megawatt photovoltaic cell experiment base drawn from a single crystal, to the solar cell production, the completion of will become the first province is the most complete industrial chain of photovoltaic cells; Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R & D Center plans to use 2-3 years, to form a high-power LED die combination of solar photovoltaic technology-led, more than 50 supporting manufacturers of products for the auxiliary industrial chain. These projects are with universities and research institutions to complete.

It can be said, optoelectronics industrial base planning is to purify the silicon-leading upstream, xiaomian1102の日記, extending into the solar cell production, and with the LED, Semiconductor integrated applications to form a new energy development, application and combination of energy-saving technology a complete industrial chain. The next step of the investment will focus on include silicon material production and processing category, solar cell manufacturing category, LED chip and package the project items, as well as the integration of photovoltaic and LED application products, photovoltaic power generation systems.

Space for a vast hinterland for development

The “Golden Triangle boss”: optical information industry in the Nam are still in the ibm 08k8036 , ibm 08k8039 start-up and training phase, we have what the market it targets?

Liu Zhiping: Nan optoelectronic information industry base in the capital invested 2.1 billion, to be basically completed in three phases by 2020, development planning objectives are divided into short-term and long-term in two stages.

This year began building 25-megawatt photovoltaic cell experiment base to begin output of monocrystalline silicon; By 2008, the experimental base necessary to fully operational, while the introduction of photovoltaic cell production projects, optoelectronic applications areas should initially formed industrial scale. By 2010, the goal is to optoelectronic information industry production value of 20 billion, of which 300 MW solar cell industry chain, the size of the output value reached 100 billion yuan, photovoltaic and LED application products, the output value reached 100 billion yuan; to 2015, output should be to reach 50 billion, the photovoltaic cell industry to achieve 600 megawatts of scale, output value reached 20 billion yuan.

These are short-term goal in front. Long-term goal is that by 2020, PV base to be completed with reasonable layout, complete functions and facilities of a modern sound, systematic, large-scale professional industrial park. The formation of “Light – electricity – light” new energy and energy-efficient technologies combination of a virtuous circle, with more than 1,000 megawatts of photovoltaic industry chain-scale and large-scale application of LED and optoelectronic industry clusters to achieve output of 100 ibm 08k8040 , ibm 08k8045 billion yuan, becoming the nation more influence the new energy industry bases.

It is worth mentioning that the optical base is located in the town of South Xia America, this is a virgin land just being developed, the base planned land 7.5 square kilometers. It is the hinterland behind the very wide base to continue to be the future of optoelectronics, but also can continue to develop south Anguan bridges, or at least can be further expanded to double space.

Chunlan high-energy battery energy storage and conversion by Breakthrough

Relying on the newly formed Jiangsu (Taizhou) Clean Energy Research Institute, recently, Chunlan in power nickel-hydrogen battery electrolyte research breakthrough. It is reported that this is an environmentally friendly, low cost, safe and efficient nickel-metal hydride battery electrolyte, electrochemical energy storage and energy conversion has an important role.

Related information, high-power, high-energy battery energy storage and conversion is a very complex electrochemical process, which requires not only an advanced new types of technology, equipment and materials, but also need to have a wide field of scientific research personnel, interdisciplinary knowledge, as well as the unshaken patience and perseverance, because it requires a variety of knowledge convergence and multiple experiments can be achieved breakthrough ibm 08k8048 , ibm 08k8192 progress.

Battery experts said that a number of tests proved that Chunlan developed the electrolyte applied to the power of this new nickel-metal hydride batteries, the battery has a better charge-discharge cycle characteristics, the battery anode material is less corrosive, there is no clear pink, and its energy storage type power than ordinary Ni-MH battery with more than 25%, the conversion efficiency of more than 10% higher, and there is no harm to the environment.

It is understood that Chunlan since 1993 began to implement the new energy plan, Energy Engineering Center was established in 1997, in-depth study of nickel-metal hydride battery and its basic technology; in 2002, creating the first one with independent intellectual property rights of domestic power nickel-metal hydride battery; 2003 commitment to the State “15″ 863 major projects planned high-speed maglev train, “Ni-MH battery applied research” subjects; 2004 commitment to the State Development and Reform Commission Enterprise Technology Center innovation capacity-building projects “Nickel hydrogen power research and development capacity-building” tasks; 2005 years, the first in China for auto-motive power assembly design concept, has formed a patent 32, enterprise standard 5; 2006 commitment to national “Eleventh Five-Year” Plan 863 energy-saving and new energy vehicles on major projects, “hybrid electric vehicle nickel ibm 08k8193 , ibm 08k8194 Hydrogen Power System Development and large-scale applications “subject; in 2007, within its Enterprise Institute set up in Jiangsu (Taizhou) Clean Energy Research Institute – energy storage and conversion applications engineering technology research center.

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