Oracle Sun's virtualization products updated

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Oracle Sun's virtualization products updated

The company makes the thin client Sun Ray 3 Plus along with the version 3.1.1 of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) before. The new version requires less dell td347 battery power, according to Oracle as its predecessor. VDI support now including virtualized Windows 7 desktop.

Oracle has introduced a new version of Sun Ray client and the associated software Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The update with the version 3.1.1 and the new thin client to confirm the promise of Oracle, Sun's virtualization strategy from the desktop to continue to the Data Center.

The new Sun Ray client 3 Plus is designed as a maintenance-free thin-client device. The desktop software runs not on the client, is neither a local operating system, still has one disk, but in the data center  lenovo thinkpad x301 battery. The device was designed to consume significantly less energy than a traditional, "fat" desktop PC.

According to Oracle meets Sun Ray 3 Plus, the Energy Star 5.0 specification. The device is to consume less power than its predecessor and support larger monitors. Maximum of two 30-inch screens with resolution of 1600 pixels each 2560 times possible, the company stated. Sun Ray 3 Plus supports Gigabit Ethernet over copper or fiber cable, USB 2.0 and fiber via SFP modules (small form-factor pluggable).

The VDI software provides administrators with a central console to virtualized Windows 7 - to manage Linux and Solaris desktops and host. With the 3.1.1 update will increase the numbers of platforms supported by Windows 7, also there is now support VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network PowerBook G4 Battery) for Microsoft Hyper-V server. As host for the desktop systems used Virtual Box 3.2.2, the comparison with previous versions, according to Oracle offers improved performance.


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