Passionate team of six highly efficient means of casting

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Passionate team of six highly efficient means of casting

Regular marketing waste of time and effort into the complaint will be, will vent, team morale is not high, not to enhance performance, known as an effective means of managing the work of how to become regular and efficient.

Sales office of a company in Hubei regular work week has been carried out from eight hours of the morning, come back from the business executives around the turn also described the work week, problems, Liao smoke around the venue, from time to time there were several a joke, the constant bickering, and finally ended in exhaustion and frustration, followed by dinner drink, and then with those problems and blame back to the market, "so do not know what the role of regular," "We raised the issue again and again I do not know when it can solve, "" This regular meeting is everyone get together to exchange and get a feeling ", the regular meeting a week in our debate, complain in the end, the problem still exists, still does not improve performance, team morale is not the same . Such sales had regular contact with the author common enterprise and market, working as a management request regular presence at work meeting just to meet and form, so that the work of the regular first-line managers on the one hand a lot of wasted time and effort, other hand, they created a low efficiency, low morale, lack of execution of the fighting force.

Marketing is a regular course of business in the marketing phase wrap-up. Usually monthly or weekly summary of the work of this stage in the sales experience and lessons learned, build on our achievements and avoid mistakes. This requires anatomical sparrows, must identify typical for an Area, a salesman, a customer, the universality of the experiences and lessons learned, said that deep penetration for reference. Is also a stage sales results since the inspection will be. Salesman will often be free from outside Junming, difficult to manage and direct. See sales manager once a month to cherish the rare opportunity to examine the market for each sales distribution, product Distribution, networking, customer management, sales, etc., in order to have specific guidance.

Reasonable arrangements to regular work and regular work to enhance effective use of sales force execution, improve sales performance of sales managers must face the problems and study skills. "Regular meetings, work reports, business visit" is referred to as business management, sales manager three magic weapons, "the process of doing good, the result of natural good," process-oriented management and supervision is an international means of winning business, including regular work held the successful and effective process management is to create the primary means of execution sales, but also to enhance the combat effectiveness of the sales force platform:

Here regular work to enhance sales force by the six means of fighting:

Means of one regular part of the solution to the core brainstorming:

Operational staff in the sales encounter complex and diverse problems, relying on personal knowledge and capacity is often difficult to find the ideal solution, the sales manager if the market based on market conditions and the difficulties often encountered in persons, to sort out and use regular work periodically made a choice to use our wisdom and collective participation, team work, a common finding solutions through brainstorming the ideas and methods, can often play an unexpected effect, both the lively atmosphere and improve the marketing staff participation in the initiative, but also can reduce the pressure on the host, at the same time to more fully understand the true thinking of marketing staff and the collection of market information line;

Regular meeting held successfully and effectively brainstorm the key: first, to be fully prepared to identify a clear theme and a few days before the regular meeting will be held at the meeting to discuss the outline of the purpose and participants to communicate, so that we have sufficient time to think and prepare ; Second, to create a harmonious meeting of the scene atmosphere, for example, the subject of discussion recently as a business concern and the recent staff need to be resolved, managers can not do first concluding statement, the meeting encouraged to speak their minds and can not deny and mock others point of view, even if another ridiculous end of the meeting should be collected, prepared and other ideas, the result of the implementation of the track: the outcome of each regular meeting to be tracking to ensure proper marketing, the facts and producing results, and sum up as the next regular basis for the theme chosen;

Special Reminder:

Do not try to resolve at a meeting of all the problems, sort through the analysis of the problem, identify the first three urgent and important enough, if you want too much time to solve the problem is likely to cause any issue is not about through, what is not solved.

Means of two, will be regular meetings to share their experience for the successful positioning:

Choose to work in some aspects more prominent business people to do their own relatively successful introduction at the meeting place or time to share with you of both operational staff to give good performance to be sure, but also can make the other participants inspiration, if introduced their own well-known success stories, is more able to resonate;

The key to success:

A, selected representative examples and do business more successful people introduced to create a positive atmosphere of the meeting;

B, prior experience with the interpretation of people and ideas presented sufficient communication means to ensure that clear thinking, clear objectives

C, provide timely analysis and evaluation, and requests discussion, to give a good rendering of learning, performance but also encourage their participation in the scene bad spirit, because the business is not necessarily a skilled master of speech.

Means of three features of the regular bit market positioning, industry trends seminar:

As the traditional pyramid organization of information layers of filtering, leading to more senior leadership on the true and the more specific market information numbness, which is the root cause of wrong decisions. Marketing monthly regular meeting will be the business owners in the eyes and ears, the full collection of country fresh market dynamics, competitor strategies, product trends, customer demand information and intelligence to the scientific decision-making.

Understand the market characteristics, to grasp industry trends, competitors are also observed business people basic skills to work well, but few companies of regular information to these basic communication and business people, business people even understand, because rapidly changing market, but also the need to constantly learn and summary, and regular work is undoubtedly an exchange can take advantage of market information, feedback and collect market data line good platform for the decision;

The key to success:

The collection of information through casual observation and the accumulation of attention, on a regular basis to compile an inventory, while data-based analysis, put forward their own proposals to respond effectively to form a system of comprehensive market reports, business personnel systems to develop the habit of thinking, to avoid the market analysis into a simple drum sound propagation reported emotional meeting and the "emperor to abdicate will", in another enterprise marketing at a regular meeting of the Area Sales Manager conniving salesman talk at length about the film area in the sales policy of how competitors to offer, cold sweat fly out of the sales manager. Particular case, the clerk was kind enough to convey brokers together false information to the enterprise, the other clerk echoed each other, together with false intelligence to force the company concessions. Finally, angered, asked to take account the strong credit.

Means of four, the regular positioning of new products for the company, communication and promotion of new policies will:

Product, the company marketing policy is skilled business people build confidence and improve the execution of the most direct and effective method, and the company's new policy, new products, the release of new information, no doubt is the best regular ways and means;

Has been involved in a regular promotion of new products: the presiding officer to break the habit of explaining the form of publicity, but the new product features, channel policy, product line, business decomposed into a number of cutting policy issues, issued to operational staff in advance , in regular meeting in the form of brainstorming everyone should explain how our new product promotion can be more effective; results of operations staff Greatly inspired, actively express their own ideas, both for the promotion of new products provides many creative ideas, while through collective communication and collision, the promotion of new products have a deep understanding of the arrangements;

Special Reminder:

Full understanding of the product, a reasonable grasp of policy is the key to successful promotion of new products, a successful new product launch of the new policy is carefully organized and both pre-war mobilization;

Means of five, will enhance the regular meeting will be positioned as skills training;

Enhance motivation by incentives to increase work capacity by training, corporate training departments by arrangement, not only limitations on the time and cost, and targeted and sustained relatively poor, according to their own team, the use of regular meetings to develop a simple and ongoing training small issues, to invite business people with expertise or sales manager explained by the more timely and effective team skills upgrading. I had to Hunan to develop a cosmetics sales company had a regular training program, each regular meeting summary of the work in addition to normal working arrangements other than to tell a little story philosophy, the training of a simple game to explain a work tips to prepare in advance the content , hosted alternately by the backbone, after the implementation period of time, not only the enthusiasm of employees to increase participation in regular meetings, problem-solving skills enhancement, work atmosphere and communication between employees feeling increased;

The key to success:

Targeted training topics selected, the content to be able to close the business needs staff, excellent internal instructors to organize, you can also select external experts, and sometimes forget bystander, hire a marketing expert to participate in marketing, regular, often sharply lay bare the secret . If you look at marketing expert training, sales sufficient electricity, Maozuliaojin children, future work will have a greater positive significance.

Means of six, will become a regular exchange of feelings will be Orientation:

Long-term outside salesman, the monthly home should have a warm home. Cadres at all levels to take advantage of this opportunity to communicate more with the clerk, the clerk must use every opportunity to communicate more with other departments to increase the cohesion and solidarity. In addition to normal work exchanges, the organization of a number of beneficial physical and mental health and emotional exchanges between colleagues sports and entertainment activities, usually intense work in the field of operational staff have a chance to relax, not only help to improve work efficiency, but also to everyone an easy exchange, increase the chance of feeling;

Enhance the combat effectiveness of operational staff is a long and complicated task, make full use of regular meetings is an effective and practical means, a lot of good growth in the business who have such deep feelings, "beginner three years, the all-powerful, but also school for three years, a loss to learn three years, easily "; Chuang foreign articles also have such a story: Son of Zhou Xuan Wang Ji Sheng domesticated cock. After a ten week Xuanyu asked: "Chicken Train ready?" Ji Sheng son replied: "No, are counting on emotional miles vain haughty." Ten days Later Zhou Xuan Wang asked, replied: "No, still hear the sound called and saw the shadow on the jump. "Ten days Later Zhou Xuan Wang asked and answered:" or you care to see swift, strong and emotional. "Then, after ten weeks Xuanyu asked and answered:" almost the same. Even if the other chickens crow it has not anything, looks like Muji, as it arguably is complete virtue, the other chickens do not dare to fight, and turned to run away. "

Excellent business personnel are in constant errors and summary to grow up, to enhance the combat effectiveness of the business team is a long-term and systematic project, the details of outstanding achievements reflect the style of small, regular sales appear to be normal development of enterprises is precisely to lay the cornerstone of , analyzed using regular meeting of the team continuing to improve the implementation is a direct, simple, effective and sustained means of flexible use, maintain and continually improve in order to cast a summary of invincible, with a strong marketing team style .


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