Porsche 911 GT3 is based on hybrid power

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Porsche 911 GT3 is based on hybrid power

Porsche displayed at the Geneva Motor Show 2010, the hybrid Renner 911 GT3 R. The highlight of his eco-drive: Instead of batteries, a flywheel that stores energy.

Naive reverie or future technology?

By Jan Horn A Porsche high speeds loves living from touring in the red. The boxer engine in a 911 at the limit just feels really comfortable, then screams already well beyond the 7000 mark. Lovely! But this maximum speed is nothing if a GT3 R Hybrid only comes once in full swing. Then the 7000/min a Series-911 shrink to the spinning top-level - the new racer issue makes 40,000 (!) Revolutions. Okay, it's not the six of the Endurance racing car, which goes about it so ludicrously high - but here lies the main module of Porsche's new hybrid approach to the stuff: the flywheel storage.

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A flourish of wings animal: the 642 horsepower 911 GT3 R hybrid is designed to show how effectively a hybrid without the batteries.

It is an electric motor-generator unit in oversized, which consists of a magnetized rotor and consists of a plastic plunger. To protect against rupture of the extremely fast circular rotor is still tightly in a plastic sleeve carbon-wrapped. This high-tech gyroscope in the format of a washing machine drum begins with the brakes on the energy produced there later than from electric power again. The maximum "load", which is in this mass momentum, at least six to eight seconds long enough for 162 bhp, which act on two electric motors at the front axle. Power in the GT3 R in conjunction with the hybrid Vierliter boxer engine (480 hp) whopping 642 hp. How Porsche wants mitmischen in May at the 24-hour race at the Nurburgring, downright slow down the competition. Plays in the extra performance just one of several roles. Wheel drive vehicle as it provides extra traction, to run the hybrid racer economical thanks to the energy recovery.

Read the complete article and a preview of how the future might look more hybrid from Porsche, see CAR PICTURE 6 / 2010 - from 12 February onwards.

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