Power battery: to resume its rally after adjustment

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Power battery: to resume its rally after adjustment

New energy vehicles produce actual profits of listed companies remains to be seen. But the new energy vehicles in the direction of the future vehicle development, the state of new energy industry will also be raised to the height of the national strategic industry, is expected to introduce a series of related follow-up will support policies, it is worth the long-term concern. The first is undoubtedly the proceeds to provide spare parts for new energy vehicles, businesses, especially high-tech battery most worthy of attention. Although the valuation is higher, and most of the non-performance of support, but if the market liquidity remains abundant in the major round plate has been moving off again, the most imaginative of the new energy vehicle sector funds may be courted recommendations concern. Rating to be recommended next month.

Oerlikon of Switzerland's largest solar cell factory mass production of thin-film modules

The Pramac Group (Switzerland Riazzino) has been Switzerland's largest manufacturer of solar modules in mass production, seven months ago, the company completed the construction of plant facilities. Pramac with Oerlikon Solar (Oerlikon Solar, Switzerland Trubbach) Micromorph-end manufacturing solutions, annual production of 30MW of thin film solar panels.

Solar modules in the capital-intensive manufacturing operations, the minimum capital to start from the beginning of commercial production and revenue time is very important. With end to end solution to shorten the production time delay, and to reduce the infrastructure of time, the rapid mass production and component certification uncertainties, Oerlikon said. "We are very pleased to be able to build the factory, mass production so quickly, because it will allow us to put into the fast growing solar market, and faster return on investment," the Pramac Group's CEO Paolo Campinotti said.

Pramac at this stage will produce ~ 250,000 per year of solar modules. Year of production capacity to meet the Swiss all currently installed photovoltaic devices. With the solar market is expected to grow, the company also plans to expand production capacity.

Currently, since 2006, worldwide with 10 companies have signed a film Oerlikon Solar production line contract, their overall thin-film solar production capacity more than 600MW.


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