Rechargeable batteries: the "Made in China" to "Made in China"

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Rechargeable batteries: the "Made in China" to "Made in China"

Correspond with the primary battery, secondary battery, including lead-acid batteries, alkaline batteries, lithium ion batteries, solar cells, fuel cells and super capacitors.

Old China's lead-acid battery industrial base is very weak, barely a weak lead-acid battery industry shape. Before the founding of New China, the country only more than a dozen small factories or workshops battery production, employing less than 800 people, only a small portion of production for the repair of automotive batteries and the plate and a small amount of communication with the battery and fixed-type battery . However, annual consumption of 400 tons of lead.

Today, lead-acid battery industry in China has basically formed a combination of small medium and large enterprises with certain scale manufacturing system. With the energy, transport and communications the rapid development of pillar industries, mainly for cars, motorcycles, electric power, telecommunications and other industries into the booming period of lead-acid batteries, the market expanded.

"Rapid growth in the automobile industry, the policy of strong support for renewable energy industry, industrial electronics, driven by advances in technology, lead-acid battery industry in China with the international advanced level will be gradually reduced, lead-acid battery industry in China will show a rapid growth momentum. "Jin-Liang Wang said.

In recent years, electric vehicles, such as the development of new energy vehicles, so that lead-acid battery industry has been further developed. 1998-2004 average annual growth rate of lead-acid battery production 17.8% to 30% in 2004. With the number of cars is expected to increase, the proportion will continue to increase. In the export side, China's average export growth rate of lead-acid batteries will not be less than 20%, export share will gradually increase. To 2009, the average lead-acid batteries in China sales growth of about 15%, the annual output will reach 130 000 000 -14 000 KVA, the sales revenue of 65 billion -700 billion.

And the centuries-old lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion battery can only be willing to say little brother, but this "little brother" has immeasurable potential and future.

In 2001, a sixty elderly in Shanghai, when he visited the major projects of electric vehicles 863 million head of steel. In conversation, he repeatedly expressed strong feelings of their own, a will - "want to give the lithium-ion batteries a chance."

The old man is to be known as the "Father of China's lithium batteries," the Chinese Academy of Sciences Li-Quan Chen. Secondary lithium batteries as a national 863 project leader, Chen Yuanshi China lithium battery research, development and industrialization of the formation of groups have made outstanding contributions, and laid a solid foundation. In 2000, after learning that the lithium batteries in the "fifth" 863 major projects in the electric car is not optimistic, the Li-Quan Chen no longer sit still. In his report calls running under the million steel against all the odds, successfully short-listed lithium-ion battery 863.

From this point onwards, the development of lithium batteries into the climax: "fifth" and "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the main positive and negative electrodes and electrolyte materials, achieved critical domestic production. In 2006, China's output of lithium-ion battery reached the world production of lithium-ion battery to 41%, 50% in 2008. Battery in mobile phones and MP3 markets, Chinese products accounted for more than half of market share.

"Our lithium-ion battery electric vehicles is technically competitive advantage can be developed and developed countries do not have the resources and market advantages. Therefore, the focus, major key, rapid lithium-ion battery electric vehicles to promote the industrialization of is in line with the strategic choice of China's national conditions is an important way to ensure energy security. "Academician Li-Quan Chen said. At present, China has become the lithium-ion battery is one of three producers. Only a small lithium-ion battery, China has reached an annual output of 2 billion, the technical level with that of Japan.

It is worth mentioning that our country in the alkaline batteries, solar cells and other fields has made considerable progress. Study of solar cells in China started in 1958. The late 20th century, 80, has introduced a number of domestic solar cell production line, the Chinese solar cell production capacity increased from 3 kW at once hundreds of small factories to 4 upgrade plant 4.5MW. After 2002, the European market, especially the German market, the rapid amplification and Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd., turned out to China and the extraordinary development of photovoltaic industry with unprecedented opportunities for development and demonstration effect. Now, China has become the world's solar cell manufacturing superpower, the total output in 2008 reached 2000MW, more than a quarter of global output. As the market's strong drive and solar energy conversion efficiency, increasing the level of production technology, crystalline silicon material production technology breakthrough, and gradually breaking the monopoly of foreign countries.

Sealed Battery with no maintenance and no sour gas emissions, the battery can be stored and used in any direction, etc., in the post and telecommunications, fixed power supplies, computer UPS, lighting equipment and other occasions widely used. Jiangsu Double Ten Group in recent years through technological innovation, has developed a communications VRLA batteries, gel batteries and other products, covering 65 countries and regions, telecommunication batteries made dozens of countries in Europe and America into the network authentication, in many countries government sector procurement for standby power.

In the field of alkaline batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries in China producing nearly 10 years has been on the rise, from less than 20 million in 1996, the development of more than 1.2 billion in 2007 only; NiMH battery is important in space science Applications products. In the area of ​​technology, Harbin Institute of Technology Professor Wang Jishan's first manufacturing dry powder foam electrode technology, which greatly promoted the progress of the industry.


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