Remote control with battery power shake Shake before use

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Remote control with battery power shake Shake before use

With lithium-ion rechargeable battery in the popularity of digital products, AAA battery has gradually been eliminated, but there are still some products still continue to use AAA batteries. The abandonment of this battery is a very serious environmental threat, now has a new solution.

From Japan's Brother Industries Corporation (Brother Industries Ltd) introduced a new type of battery Vibration-power Generating Battery (VpGB), can replace AAA batteries. This battery has a small built-in vibration generators, batteries and electrical storage battery by a generator component, can provide less than 100mW power consumption of electronic products.

Expected that this product will be used for the TV remote control, LED lighting and other low-power products. Using this battery remote control remote control can be eliminated or until the damaged generator does not need a new battery, just a few shake before use can generate enough electricity to replace the TV.

VpGB battery will be 21 to 23 this month at the Tokyo Techno-frontier 2010 exhibition on display, after the first TV manufacturer to cooperate with the introduction of "never have to replace the remote control batteries" TV products.

Digital camera for charging solar strap

The current digital cameras use lithium-ion battery is still, although the battery can be recharged, but once installed the camera after the battery runs out, the camera will not be able to take pictures. However, recently someone has invented a solar cell integrated camera strap, camera strap of this type of solar design is clearly a good solution to the camera user can run out of battery problems encountered.

This camera is installed on a string strap flexible solar panels, strap the head and tail ends additionally equipped with two energy storage battery, can store solar energy coming. Solar panels do not directly charge the battery for the camera, and need to be energy stored in the storage battery, then recharge the energy storage battery to complete the process.

To put this solar energy applied to the camera strap, camera body needs to make some changes. The ends of each strap has a battery connector, users can use two battery connectors to connect the strap to the camera for charging the battery, the other end of the strap also has a DC power output connector that plugs directly into the camera's DC input port for charging.

This is not really designed to harness solar energy initiative, but because of previous models developed generally higher when the camera's power consumption, and now sections of the camera's power consumption than in the past there was a substantial decline so will increase the design practicality. However, this strap is still present conceptual stage, we do not know when this product to be officially on sale.

Solar cell production and sales ranked first domestic JA

The author from the crystal dragon's JA Solar Holdings, Inc. (JA) 17, held in Ningjin the fifth anniversary of Congress understand that JA production of solar cells during the first half of this year 582MW, sales reached 582MW, production and sales ranked first in the domestic industry, the sales revenue of 60 billion yuan, up 500%.

Big new industries in accordance with the scale of development ideas, as the province's first listed on NASDAQ in the U.S. high-tech enterprises, JA full use of the financial market in the United States get funds to accelerate expansion of the size, from the initial start of a production line business, has been developed to the 42 cell lines, has become one of the world's solar cell production capacity in recent years. In May, JA is to create a cell break 1 million per day, monthly output exceeded 100MW high.

At the same time, JA increasing research investment, pursue global solar PV industry cutting edge of technology. JA R & D production of new battery technology "game show" to achieve 18.7% conversion efficiency monocrystalline silicon cells, mass production of world-leading level, significantly reducing the cost and improve the enterprise's market competitiveness.


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