Revitalization plan to drive the new energy automotive battery industry is facing development

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Revitalization plan to drive the new energy automotive battery industry is facing development

The face of rising lithium business, Shanshangufen whether there will be transition? Future, said clothing, lithium battery, the investment is the company's three main business, three business balanced development. However, with the history of lithium welcome the opportunity to invest in lithium Shanshangufen will share will increase.
With state support of new energy vehicles, this market will be gradually developed, then the battery will usher in a historical development, because a car with the battery far more than a notebook of materials. Shanshangufen has been in the industry chain upstream, midstream and downstream distribution markets, including Australia, Japan, Toda Kogyo co. Shanshangufen The aim is to seize the historic opportunity for the lithium battery industry has greater development. Future, told reporters.

Industry competition require the state financial subsidies

With the state's new energy plan to revitalize the launch vehicle, domestic enterprises have also invested in a lithium battery to increase, while the domestic lithium battery market? Will there be overcapacity situation? Companies can directly proportional to the input and harvest? Shanshangufen secretaries answer reporters' vehicles from the national revitalization program analysis, China's future demand for lithium batteries is a great proportion present, and the enterprises are in great efforts to make this piece of lithium battery business, as the country policy support for new energy vehicles, lithium batteries will usher in a big emerging market. Shanshangufen with other businesses, through technology, resources to develop business cooperation. "

Still in the stage of development of the lithium battery industry, based on the price of lithium batteries is higher than the price of lead-acid batteries, so there are certain limitations on the spread. With oil prices rising, lowering costs, power costs far less than the cost of oil, if the state and government subsidies for new energy vehicles has been the case, only subsidies for new energy vehicles, will drive the development of related industries , then the lithium battery of the concept of the business will enjoy the benefits of lithium batteries will soon develop this market up.

Lithium stocks sought after by the market

There is a market analysis, new energy vehicles in the whole industry chain, the battery business will be the largest part of income. Kinwa (8.25, -0.24, -2.83%) (600,110) following the continuous heavy volume last week hit a new high, up to 27, its stock price reached? ? Yuan's record high. Kinwa spotted in recent years, the future of automotive battery market, investing heavily in the basic materials of lithium-ion battery - high-grade copper. The main purpose of e-copper foil PCB / CCL and the lithium battery industry. The face of high domestic demand for copper is almost entirely dependent on imports. With future upgrades, and electric bicycle battery The rise of new energy vehicles, power lithium battery for copper demand will show a trend of explosive growth.

In addition, benefit from lithium stocks of listed companies are: CITIC Guoan (16.00,0.00,0.00%) (000,839), Jiangsu Guotai (29.18, -0.38, -1.29%) (002,091), mining in Tibet (25.00, - 0.25, -0.99%) (000,762), China Security (000009), Fosu (13.71,0.00,0.00%) (000,973), sailing shares (12.71, -0.36, -2.75%) (600 482), Corun (18.56, -0.83, -4.28%) (600478), TCl group (4.69, -0.19, -3.89%) (000100), etc.

Government to promote and encourage the development and utilization of new energy policy will not change. Associated with battery and other items listed as new energy technology revolution, as an alternative energy company of new lithium-ion battery materials but also exceed conventional development, the "money scene" incalculable, future, told reporters.

Obligations recycling of waste batteries without interruption for four years old

Yang, now 77 years old rain, obligations recycling of used batteries for up to four years. Old said, every two weeks, he will take his place in the sun to open all doors of the parlor in a community where recycling of used batteries in the battery box cleared, to the neighborhood. Seniors this way.

Yesterday morning, the elderly with a reporter came to his home, to save the window below the bag full of used batteries showed reporters to see, Father Yang told reporters that this is all from the doors of the parlor a few days ago he used batteries in the box recovered to. Reporters Dian Ledian hand, there are about a dozen kilograms. "He wanted to go to close two days, and then to the neighborhood of these together, from neighborhood to professionals and recycling." Father of the music said.

As each recovery to varying amounts of waste batteries, Yang Father often put a small number of used batteries at home, at the beginning is on the balcony, and later the family feel this bad, so Young Father in own house erected a small shed below the window, pick up the waste those batteries on the shed, so that the rain would not pour into the batteries, and it would not be contaminated.


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