Save the world's environmental envoy: solar cells

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Save the world's environmental envoy: solar cells

Steadily rising international oil prices and the deteriorating environment for renewable energy by the unprecedented attention, while the photovoltaic industry of renewable energy as a "rising star", the last two years in China market like gangbusters.

June 23, held in Pudong, "renewable energy and energy-efficient lighting system trading standards Seminar", the National Development and Reform Commission Renewable Energy Development Centre Deputy Director Rengao Hu said, as of 2007, China's total installed capacity of PV power has been accumulated up to 10 million kilowatts.

China Solar Energy Society executive director Wang Sicheng description: "the world's top 16 in 2007 solar companies, China has occupied a six." According to data from the Chinese Solar Energy Society, 2007, domestic production of solar cells is about 1180 MW, while Europe, Japan and the U.S. yield is 1062,920 and 266 MW respectively, China has become a veritable solar cell in the world.

Wide range of applications of solar cells:

1. Users of solar power: (1) small power 10-100W range, terms such as in remote areas without electricity, plateau, island, pastoral, border posts and other military and civilian power consumption, such as lighting, television, tape recorders, etc.; (2) 3 - 5KW family roof and power generation systems; (3) PV water pumps: addressing the areas without electricity, drinking deep wells, irrigation.

2. Traffic areas: such as beacon lights, traffic / railroad signals, traffic warning / marker lamps, street lamps, high-altitude obstacle light, highway / railway wireless telephone booth, unattended Road class power supply.

3. Communications / communication areas: solar unmanned microwave relay stations, cable maintenance station, broadcasting / communications / paging power system; rural carrier telephone photovoltaic systems, small-scale communication equipment, GPS and power supply soldiers.

4. Petroleum, marine, meteorology fields: the oil pipelines and cathodic protection gate in solar power systems, oil drilling platform life and emergency power supply, marine testing equipment, meteorological / hydrological observation equipment.

5. Household lamps power: as garden lights, street lamps, portable lamps, camping lamps, light hiking, fishing lamp, black light, tapping lamp, energy saving lights.

6. Photovoltaic power station: 10KW-50MW independent photovoltaic power plants, scenery (diesel) hybrid power plant, various large Tingche Chang charging station.

7. Solar Architecture: the combination of solar power and building materials, making the future of large buildings to achieve electricity self-sufficiency, a major development in the future.

8. Other areas include: (1) and vehicle parts: solar car / electric vehicle, battery charging equipment, automobile air-conditioning, fan, cold boxes, etc.; (2) solar energy renewable hydrogen fuel cell power generation system; (3) water desalination equipment supply; (4) satellite, spacecraft, space solar power station.

Currently the United States, European countries, especially Germany and Japan, India and so on to develop solar cell applications, started the "million roofs" plan, "a million roofs" program, etc., greatly promoted the development of PV market, the future is light.


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