Sharp solar cells targeting the Chinese market as one of its main business

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Sharp solar cells targeting the Chinese market as one of its main business

LCD TV, solar cells and cell phone these 3 products, Sharp's share of the Japanese market are the first place. Even so, Sharp met with the 2008 or so listed on the Tokyo Stock 1956, the first time since the budget deficit.

"Business strategy must implement major changes. In the past Japan's export-oriented industries are developed in Japan, in Japanese investment in Japan, are to developed country markets as the center, the future must change. The Japanese way of life is the manufacturer, is to visit China, there is strong demand in emerging economies, to invest, to build factories, production in the consumer market. In the past production of LCD panels in Japan, Sharp, shipped to China assembly attachment. Sharp decided to produce LCD panels in China this year, the full realization of 'real estate to consumer'. "Sharp, 52, president Mikio Katayama told reporters.

Nissan's investment for the U.S. battery production will exceed one billion

Reuters, Tokyo, July 8 - --- Japan's third-largest carmakers - Nissan, a senior, said the depot for the production of battery Tennessee investment of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for last month, Nissan received a large proportion of government loans.

Nissan's product planning director, senior vice president cum AndyPalmer the Reuters Japan Investment Summit that the depot in Tennessee to produce three types of battery modules, battery production will reach 54,000, each battery module will cost $ 350,000,000.

Nissan will receive 1.6 billion U.S. dollars the U.S. government subsidized loans for the construction of the battery assembly plant, and the reorganization of existing production lines, from 2012 production of the new electric cars. Target annual production of electric vehicles is 15 million.

Quarter of the first quarter decline in the global area of silicon wafer supplier to record low of nine

Equipment and Materials International Semiconductor Industry Association released data show that the first quarter of 2009, the global area of silicon wafer supply fell by 34.2% over the previous quarter, representing a decrease of 56.6% over the previous year, to 606,000 m2, the largest decline since 2000 .

Investment Advisor in the energy sector, Jiang Qian, chief researcher believes that the downstream industries as the semiconductor silicon wafer industry, the performance of the global downturn in the semiconductor industry is in the first quarter decline in the global area of silicon wafer supplier the main reason for creating a new low in nine years.

Well-known market research company IC Insights previous data show that the first quarter of 2009, the top 20 semiconductor manufacturers worldwide sales of all different degrees of decline. For example, the world's largest semiconductor maker Intel in the first quarter sales of $ 6,573,000,000, while full-year 2008 sales revenue of the company's semiconductor business it reached 34.49 billion U.S. dollars.

The slump in global semiconductor industry, but also to a silicon wafer industry powerhouse of China Taiwan region caused no small blow. Investment Advisor in the latest release of "2009-2012 China's semiconductor lighting (LED) industry, investment analysis and forecast report" shows that Taiwan's silicon wafer manufacturers in the first quarter results are generally not ideal. Among them, the American grain in the first quarter gross margin fell to 11.71%, only a single quarter net profit after tax of NT 092 million yuan. Another fab Green Energy Technology March revenue was only 531 million Taiwan dollars over last year 19.9% annual reduction rate; in the first quarter total revenues of NTD 1.66 billion, the annual reduction rate of 14.99%.


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