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With energy issues fever dell latitude d830 battery, solar energy industry continued to show a rapid growth trend. However, due to the severe shortage of silicon materials, the recent construction materials, plant and thin-film silicon solar cell technology, the rise of this industry, two concern issues. In this regard, Motech (Motech), general manager of the left yuan Huai River in last week’s ‘Solar Energy Industry Leaders Forum’ in, talked about his views on industrial development.

Recalling the development course of the solar energy industry, left Huai-yuan pointed out that the development of solar technology has long been regarded as the year 2000 ‘early development’ stage, although a number of vendors to invest the time dell latitude d820 battery, but because the business environment is not mature, and only a few companies can maintained. From 2000 to 2005, is the ‘initial earnings’ stage, a few companies can survive and begin to profit. With the warming energy issues, and now the solar industry has reached a ‘gold rush’ phase, many of the industry have begun to actively invest. But he believes that solar energy industry to be able to truly become an industry may be after 2010.

“At present, more widespread use of solar power countries, including Germany, Japan, Italy and so on, or rely on government subsidies in order to continue to support. Thus, from a commercial point of view of the market, in fact, solar energy is not considered a real industry. Meanwhile, the current average, each person in these countries use solar power is still far dell latitude d810 battery below the traditional power point of view, the current solar energy is only a niche market, not into the mainstream application stage. ”

However, its potential for long-term development perspective, the prospects for solar energy industry, of course, is beyond doubt. He said, “From the beginning of the 1990s, my impression recall, this industry has never experienced negative growth dell latitude d630 battery, while the compound annual growth rate in recent years, even as high as 40%., The future will continue to grow.”

However, because of the continued growth of solar market is currently out of stock materials, the phenomenon is already the biggest development of this industry bottleneck. Huai Yuan Zuo said, “from 2004 began to have stock-outs, while we have a dedicated production of silicon wafer solar cells are under construction, but is slow in coming, this stock-outs in the first half of next year will be worse , it may be possible to slow down in the second half of next year. ”

He said that the response to this Queliao problem, recently there are many fab construction projects in mainland China alone, for nearly 30 projects. However, due to the human cost of silicon wafer is not very high, he did not think there will be factories in mainland China, a special advantage, before the semiconductor industry with the same enthusiasm, he also believes dell latitude d610 battery , dell latitude d620 battery that the future of the Chinese market will also experience wave of consolidation process.

However, this phenomenon, he jokes that, in the past the early embryonic stage in the wafer foundry industry, IDM industry had “Realmenownfabs.” Famous words, and now should be changed to “Realmenownpolysiliconfabs.” A dell latitude d600 battery

In addition, the benefit from the issue of shortage of silicon material used flat panel display process technology developed in the thin-film solar cells have become another area of concern and the fast-growing technology. In this regard, the left yuan Huai said that at present the entire solar cell market is still as high as 92% are created by silicon-based, while the thin-film solar cells last year, only 7% of the overall market.

He pointed out that although the recent, including dell latitude d505 battery , dell latitude d520 battery Applied Materials (AppliedMaterial) such as the company’s active promotion, there are many companies began to build large-size thin-film solar plant, making this a fast-growing technology in the past three years, but this technology, there are many including the conversion efficiency, long-term reliability, yield and other issues to be resolved.

At the same time, he expected the next five years, silicon solar cell modules will likely reduce the cost of 2 U.S. dollars per watt, and because of thin-film solar cell to achieve $ 1.5 / W price will be competitive. Because of this, he said, “thin-film solar cell technology does have its outlook, but the question is, when we would have more than the performance of silicon solar cells dell latitude d420 battery , dell latitude d430 battery ? It is worthy of our continuous observation of the problem.”

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