South African Joule electric car

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South African Joule electric car

The small South African motor manufacturers Optimal Energy Joule has developed a new electric car and to the middle of 2013 a hitherto unknown price to be available. The former Jaguar designer Keith Helfet is responsible for the design of the electric car. The environmentally friendly cars will soon reach the status of series production. When driving a 102 hp electric motor has been installed, which can speed up the Joule to a maximum speed of 135 mph.

The range is to amount to a battery charge to 230 kilometers before a charge is required at the outlet. The lithium-ion battery can be replaced. If the battery is empty, it can be changed so quickly with a full battery and is a significant advantage if you want to travel longer distances. There currently is not yet known at what price the Optimal Energy Joule will be on the market. The performance of the small electric car, however, is impressive, and so it is likely to sell well in all probability well.

Japan - electric car with 3000 km range!

In Japan, a scientist named Dr. Who Kiro has developed a technical sensation and although he has invented an environmentally friendly electric car with water motor. The electric car he has christened Electric H2O, and made so early in the morning of the day a first test drive. According to him, with consumption of only 1 liter of water per 100 kilometers driven. The tank has a capacity of 30 liters and thus a refill lasts mathematically for a total distance of 3,000 kilometers.

The detailed operation of its water Motors Dr. Kiro Who keeps secret, however, but he has at least reveal a few details. The engine works on the hydrogen-oxygen-principle, where the water is split into its component parts and use the energy released while the power is. As a battery, a lithium-ion battery comes with 9 cells, as is to be found in notebooks. According to his calculations, would amount to the cost of production for the H2O-Electric at only $ 5,000. At present, the innovative electric vehicle is still extensive in a test phase. The serial production will however be taken as early as next year with the support of a well-known billionaire from the U.S., who once earned his first million with IBM, and sold at an affordable price.


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