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The introduction of Windows Mobile Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery system, intelligent machine is divided into the Pocket PC handwriting handwritten Smartphone platform and non-camps, in which the non-use Smartphone handwriting intelligent machines as closer to the ordinary operation of mobile phones has been a lot of smart players welcome , particularly in the five departments headed by Dopod, Smartphone camp is the star of series. However, Dopod 5 Series also has its own weaknesses, the lower the hardware configuration for many of the players whom the pursuit of high-performance regrets. From the UK operator O2 launched in 2006, a high frequency processor Smartphone mobile phone XDA Graphite (graphite), small size and the performance is more powerful. Electronic eye at the point I learned that this quote O2 graphite prior to 2380 yuan from 2199 yuan down El blog de xiaomian1102, cost-effective even better, like the Smartphone platform, intelligent machines may look a friend.

O2 XDA Graphite shape with the classic candybar design, silver and gray body color reflects a deep breath of the business, 109.5 × 46.9 × 18mm body measurements and 105 grams of body weight for this powerful, intelligent Business Machines is also just right, very suitable for carrying. XDA Graphite-based 3G networks, using a 2.2-inch 60005 thousand color QVGA-resolution TFT screen, 16-bit support for the natural tones MP3, AAC and other music format files playback at the same time equipped with a 2 million pixel primary camera and a a 30-megapixel camera Sok, vice head, the machine pre-loaded with Windows Media Player 10.3 Mobile Office players and office software, high-frequency processor makes Dell Inspiron 1526 Battery XDA Graphite has a very good performance of the business and entertainment.

On the hardware configuration, XDA Graphite using Windows Mobile5.0 for Smartphone platform, it is worth mentioning is the XDA Graphite using 416MHz Intel XScale PXA270 series processors, which can be said that the current performance of SP cell phones the most powerful CPU of the , with 128MB ROM and 64MB SDRAM memory, even if running a large program would also ensure smooth speed, which makes the Smartphone camp XDA Graphite become the most powerful models.

In the extended performance on the XDA Graphite is also very comprehensive, it is the greatest support 2GB capacity micro SD card memory expansion, but does not support hot-swap technology, will bring some inconvenience to the use of peacetime. In addition, it supports Bluetooth 2.0 wireless transmission of data, as well as A2P stereo Bluetooth music support WLAN 802.11b / g wireless LAN. O2 Graphite is equipped with a large-capacity 1100mAH lithium Dell Inspiron 1720 Battery, the longest standby time of 275 hours.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission involved in the investigation Nokia mobile phone battery

Battery safety has become a mobile phone manufacturers a heart disease. Recently, Nokia announced that, because of the risk of overheating, it will take the initiative within the framework of a global recall of 46 million BL-5C batteries. This is a consumer electronics manufacturers in recent years, the largest battery recall program, and its total even more than the previous Sony laptop battery recall. To industry sources, according to the current models on the market Genuine BL-5C battery price 80 yuan each count, its only product replacement cost of more than 30 million, In addition, there will be a lot of labor costs. Throughout the recall costs will be shared Nokia and Panasonic.

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) spokesman confirmed this week four, the agency has begun Nokia battery recall incident.

CPSC spokesman said: “This is a matter of concern, we are investigating this. So far, no recall of the Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery in the U.S. market.”

It is reported, CPSC is mainly worried about the battery after being hit by heavy external short-circuit. The spokesman said: “If the internal short circuit may lead to fire, although this situation does not often happen.”

Nokia announced this week two, because of overheating risks that it would recall 46 million mobile phone Laptop battery affected as many mobile phones as many as 52 models. According to analysts expect the cost of the recall is expected to reach 500 million euros.

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