SSD in three years can save 231 million laptop batteries

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SSD in three years can save 231 million laptop batteries

According to iSuppli Corporation, although the solid-state disk (SSD) is mainly to attract people whose vision of power-saving features, but the use of these Flash-based solution may also bring other environmental benefits: a substantial reduction of batteries used in notebook computers.

A typical six-cell laptop battery. However, if you use the SSD, using the four-cell battery notebook computer will be able to get the same battery life.

2013 notebook PC shipments will reach 250 million units, if these computers are using SSD and four-cell battery, will be equivalent to less 80 million batteries.

Further, expected by 2011 and 2013 SSD notebook shipments will reach 693 million units, one-third of these laptops can use less battery, so that these laptops will be able to save 231 million three-year battery.

Green drive

Clearly, the use of SSD can reduce energy consumption, reduce waste and pollution caused by the use of materials and electronic components. Therefore, SSD provides a conducive environment, but also an effective way to meet consumer demand.

And sought after by the media than solar, SSD's environmental benefits have not been given due attention.

Of course, SSD can save 231 million within three years the battery is easy to say, but it is hard.

SSD is still the biggest obstacle to the initial investment cost than traditional hard drives. , iSuppli believes that if there is no tangible benefits, consumers do not choose higher-cost drives, especially in the current economic downturn.

However, if such a mode of wireless services, such as a monthly subscription service, SSD is still likely to be the final large-scale use. , iSuppli believes that without the help of the wireless subsidy model, SSD in a notebook penetration rate in 2012 will not exceed 10%, so that there can be no environmental benefits of these shows.


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