State Department counselor stone set ring: Chinese solar cell technology is still relatively backward C

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State Department counselor stone set ring: Chinese solar cell technology is still relatively backward C

We focus on the future work in the following areas:

First, to further implement the central government established by the State Council, to vigorously promote the importance of renewable energy development policy. General Secretary, in his recent focus on renewable energy has done a series of important instructions, including Hu Jintao, general secretary of Xinjiang, two days before inspections, specifically the wind once again visited the Gold Group, the wind is our first domestic wind power development through the innovation of a enterprises, made a very important instructions. We will fully implement the central spirit of this number, especially in macroeconomic policy in this regard need to develop policies supporting the various departments, and now we are introduced every department policy, but the lack of a macro policy of mutual support. Recently some countries have a Golden Sun engineering, architectural integration, implementation plan, but the lack of systems supporting the policy. Particularly in relation to tariff policies.

Second, increase the intensity of technological innovation. We in the coal, electricity, gas, nuclear energy has a very strong research team, but in new and renewable energy which is currently very fragmented, in enterprises, institutions which, have not formed a system team. Obama came to power after the United States in particular, the development of new energy invested a lot of energy, but the layout made more comprehensive, including in college as a basic research center of advanced energy technologies, including the key level in some countries , through a joint enterprise with the school production and research institutions, national laboratories and national level, several different levels in a comprehensive plan, and we do not have this country now deployed.

Third, from all aspects of systems engineering to fully promoted. Vigorously promoting renewable energy is a social system works. First of all, the awareness of our people, leaders at all levels of understanding of such a problem, we the people an acceptable level, how to make people see the future of production, can not live without renewable energy, a lot of work needs to be done in this area. Our renewable energy power systems are often regarded as waste to electricity, less willing to use such power, because it does not quite resemble the conventional thermal power with it so convenient, because it is difficult to control and scheduling, but recently the situation has changed , in particular, made after the smart grid, so grid system also started looking at this issue. How do we power system which, through the distributed system, through the intelligent network to better the different end-users the power to effectively and combine this with a lot of work to be done. In this system works in, there are many basic platform, resources survey, evaluation, testing and other work products throughout the country testing the system, certification system needs strengthening.

Fourth, investment and financing, how to more effectively financing the social gathering in this direction, recently the situation has greatly changed, last year was mainly foreign investors interested in renewable energy in China, in recent years the wealth of our green Forums are also held, our banking, investment and financing many organizations, but also to enter the field, how these two together, increase our market mechanism which, under the guidance of government policy, better integration of social investment strength combined with the development of renewable energy.

Fifth, training of personnel. To form a strong team, including all levels, managers, leaders in science and technology, as well as engineering and technical personnel within companies, the majority of skilled workers, including the future operation and maintenance, the formation of a new energy service industry, because the new energy , renewable energy is scattered, small, not big, like power stations, the need for an energy services team, manufacturing, services constitute the future of our industry is very important aspect.

Finally, I think the international cooperation is essential, and we are also renewable energy in China in the reform and opening up which, in the larger environment of international cooperation, developed, and without international cooperation can not have today's new energy and renewable energy development In the future, as the global green energy, renewable energy strategy, which we have in this field to further increase international cooperation efforts.


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