Stock market: Dax jumps on Year

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Stock market: Dax jumps on Year

The experts warn yet, but the market players celebrate a rally unmoved. The Dax was launched with a new annual high in the week. While travelmate 4200 battery the short-term prospects are dazzling, the foundation of the upward trend has continued shaky.


The anticipation of good quarterly results from U.S. companies has lifted the major German stock indices to a new annual high. The benchmark index Dax (the Index) closed with an increase of 1.25 percent to 5783.23 points. With about 5814 meters in the meantime he had marked the highest level since early October 2008.

The MDAX (the index) continued its record pace of the previous week and was up 1.00 percent to 7609.55 points. For the lenovo 3000 n200 battery TecDAX (the index) was about 2.42 percent up at 779.07 points - as in the MDax the highest level since September 2008.

"Currently, investors expect more positive than negative surprises," said market analyst Frank Geilfuß of Berliner Bank Löbbecke house with views of the reporting season in the U.S., which will begin this week ride. By the end of last week were better than expected figures for the U.S. aluminum giant Alcoa (suggested for the course) the buying power of investors. In addition, the Dax was cracked on Monday important technical chart resistance and so called other investors on the scene, said the expert.

Driven by better numbers from Philips Electronics (stock price) were among Siemens-paper (stock price) with a growth of 2.64 percent to 66.45 euros to the Dax favorites. The electronics company has behind in the economic crisis is the worst. The business remained in the reporting period, although below last year's quarter, compared to previous quarters, but it recovered. Analysts reacted positively. "Philips has been in the third quarter cut" significantly better than expected, "said one.

Infineon Technologies (stock price) moved to 5.03 percent to 3.97 euros. Dealers here referred to positive U.S. targets in the IT sector. There, on Friday had a lot of technology stocks such as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD, the stock price) of a positive industry study by Barclays (stock price) benefits travelmate 4010 battery. The analysts had upgraded the IT hardware sector "Neutral" to positive ".

Among the few losers in the leading index were the shares of Deutsche Post (the stock). They lost a 0.55 percent to 12.69 euros. Private competitors to the post office for information on the economic base weeks to the end of a joint venture. Under the leadership of the German subsidiary of the Dutch postal company TNT (the stock price was) is the construction of its own nationwide delivery network plan, the magazine reported, citing negotiating circles.

In the paper broke a MDax of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen (stock price) to 21.20 percent to 5.80 euros. First, before the weekend were dashed the hopes of stabilizing the situation in the embattled press manufacturers. It threatens once again a high annual loss. Because of the poor financial situation is now probably even the merger with Manroland on ice.

In the United States seeks the Dow Jones (the index) go to the 10,000-point mark. Already in early trading, the stock market barometer climbed to 9926 meters.

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