Subsidies for new energy market reaction was forthcoming

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Subsidies for new energy market reaction was forthcoming

"The new energy car allowance standard rules" will be introduced this week, the news triggered a number of hot. Although the recent "green carbon car" red hot, and a major car firms compete in the New World, but the new energy vehicles on "the highest subsidies for 60,000 yuan," the news did not attract the expected excitement, Most local car dealer in Chengdu forecast, the new subsidy rules for energy consumption to stimulate the car is very limited, the prices are too high, inadequate facilities and other factors, is still restricted consumption of new energy vehicles bottleneck.

Status of energy-saving models applauded not hit

First mass-produced hybrid Toyota Prius FAW listed for many years, but so far in the market is still popular. Reporters learned that the FAW Toyota Prius is currently in Chengdu, the 4S shop sales of less than five a year. In contrast, long Zhixiang hybrid because of lower prices and slightly smooth, but narrow audience, lack of facilities, insufficient consumer awareness and other factors still restrict its sales. Put it in Shenzhen, BYD dual-mode electric vehicle F3DM, and in Hangzhou "to rent to buy" The launch of the electric car Zotye 2008EV, because the charging facilities blank, the date of its delivery temporarily clear the market in Chengdu.

Analysis of the role of subsidies is not too large

"Subsidies at this stage, not for sales promotion. Nabiyadi F3DM, the dealers want to sell, but no facilities, buy new energy vehicles is empty. In addition, the hybrid version of the general expensive than the regular version tens of thousands, but also to discourage the average consumer. "Mao-Newport, general manager of BYD, said.

FAW Toyota into the middle market manager Caobing likewise less optimistic view: "Green Car of the gimmick is very attractive, but the lead

The first reason is induced to buy fuel-efficient, longer stylish, and finally energy. The relative amount of subsidies the prices of the Prius is too small. "

Wanyou Chang Wen Yunlong, vice president also told reporters: "While sales of hybrid Zhi Xiang monthly increase, but a narrow audience. In addition, filling in Chengdu is very time-consuming, not to mention the 23 cities. Supporting facilities not convenient, not to give car buyers a one-time subsidies can be resolved. "

Voice part in environmental protection have to weigh wallet

The reporters also interviewed more than prepared to car consumers, they both said, when the car more than on considerations of cost to join the environmental enthusiasm.

"If the subsidies on the price is only 5,000-10,000 yuan higher than the traditional model, then I definitely support the new energy and support environmental carbon, but beyond that, my income does not allow the." Chow admitted.

"Green carbon, for me this the general public, just a concept I spend a higher price to buy fuel-efficient cars, for me what the actual benefits? This is a public utility, then the relevant departments Consumers should be encouraged on the one-time subsidies to the prices of little use, the amount of subsidy can not offset the difference with the traditional model. "ready to transfer to Mr Fung said.

Miao Wei, vice minister of Ministry of Industry: the development of new energy routes clear in August

New energy subsidy rules will be introduced before the end of this month. Industry experts suggest that, before the formal implementation of the subsidy policy, the best there is on the identification of new energy vehicle technology standards. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology vice minister said Miao Wei, the recent technical standards for new energy vehicles will be gradually introduced.

It is understood that the four criteria for new energy technology - "electric vehicle conductive charging interface", "General requirements for electric vehicle charging station", "electric vehicle battery management system and non-vehicle communication protocol between the charger," and "light hybrid electric vehicle energy consumption test method" has been by the Ministry and other relevant departments to review, said Miao Wei, these standards will be launched soon. The industry believes that the introduction of new energy before the end of subsidies for electric cars will be revealing details of the future direction of China, said Miao Wei, specific to the choice of new energy vehicles on the route, the relevant ministries will be announced in August.


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