SunPower high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells 24.2%

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SunPower high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells 24.2%

By NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory U.S. Department of Energy) confirmed, SunPower Philippines plant in its production of solar cell conversion efficiency reached 24.2%. This is a crystalline silicon cells a new world record. SunPower's new record did not disclose any details of the efficiency of processing and when to enter mass production process.

SunPower Technology Development Committee, vice president of technology Bill Mulligan said, "This new world record strong the world's highest efficiency SunPower's solar cell manufacturing leadership by each solar cell energy production, we use proprietary and patented high-efficiency solar cell technology to reduce production costs of solar energy. "

SunPower Corporation also pointed out that in the past five years, its battery production efficiency increase of 4 percentage points. However, although the company also announced that it has radically reduced the cost of production in the same period, SunPower recently still, and Taiwan AOU (AU) signed a joint manufacturing partnership to reduce the production cost of its next-generation battery.

Israel developed the cooked potatoes, potato battery to generate electricity

Israeli researchers have developed a way to use cooked potatoes, organic battery power, with a simple structure, sustainable use and so on.

Yissum research and development company, today announced the launch of a coating based on solid organic potato battery. This simple, powerful device to a sustainable electricity supply to many of the world countries to bring immediate, low-cost power solutions.

This shows the high performance battery from the zinc, copper electrode and cooked potato chips are made. Generating capacity than cooked potatoes cooked in front of about 10 times increase, which will extend the power supply to several days or even weeks. In addition, no doubt, the potato is also much lower than the cost of the battery ordinary commercial batteries.

U.S. solar photovoltaic technology will be increased to 66% conversion efficiency

The U.S. PV system integrators Evolution Solar found a new process, the conversion efficiency of solar cells can be increased to 66%, thereby reducing the cost of solar power.

NEW YORK, June 24 reported that the U.S. Evolution Solar PV system integrators, researchers have discovered a process that will increase solar cell conversion efficiency to 66%.

The process of hot electrons from the quantum atoms transferred to an electronic receiver. In general, solar cells, semiconductors, semiconductor bandgap energy than the photons produce electrons, but in most of the hot electron energy is captured and used to generate electricity before, lost by heating.

This new process uses quantum atoms to slow hot electron cooling process, and will be transferred to the capture and electronic receivers, which will make conventional solar cells in less energy loss when heated.

Evolution Solar President Robert Hines said, this is a huge solar power technology leap, will make solar power cheaper. He pointed out that this new discovery is expected to double the amount of solar power and solar energy payback period will be reduced by half.


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