Swedish sun A

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Swedish sun A

The crowd goes BMW 3 Series or Audi A4 Cabrio - professed individualists drive Saab. The solid Swede has kept for years under the tutelage of General Motors, its basic profile. compaq presario r3000 battery


The current 9-3 Series Convertible unmistakable rolls as a descendant of good old Saab 900 by the golden-sunny late autumn. For, keeping the classical body line should not have contributed insignificantly, that Saab has admitted not even on the experiment of folding steel roof and has remained in the cloth cap.

But elsewhere in the Sweden, the current Cabrio remained true - well into the small, endearing quirks. Still get there on the driver's seat a little like eating in a cockpit, you can still using "Night Panel" button on the dashboard at night dive in a relaxed darkness with nothing but the speedometer and the road in mind. compaq presario r4000 battery

And still the ignition switch is located near the hand brake on the center tunnel. New additions have come so far in the last facelift rear lights in clear glass and the light bands for the parking lights on the front. And the turbo under the hood. General Motors may also put the Swedes, the savings Commissioners to the office: If the quality is fortunately not yet broken through. Processing and high quality materials contribute to the corners. Nothing creaks, nothing wobbles. The aluminum optics and optical surfaces provide even the flair of a sports convertible is spread.

Officially open the Saab 9-3 is a full four-seater. In practice, it will at least back here soon narrow. While on the comfortable front seats and large repealed contemporaries thanks to the diverse settings of stalls and steering wheel feel good, you should bring back not just guard extent. Even the over height is - especially with the roof closed - rather acrobatic. But that is not unusual for two-door. Like the limited headroom in the back seats. compaq presario 2500 battery

The dashboard of the Saab is clean and clear - no switch is a mystery, nothing is out of reach. The dials are clear and to the Saab philosophy-scale: in the normal range up to 140 km / h is the series of numbers pulled apart wide and printed on high, then it goes up to 260 km / h pressed close and continue with smaller numbers. Whether this actually helps psychologically brisk pace to be answered at once then.

Too much space is not in the trunk. 352 liters of storage space it's official - at the top is closed. The Volvo C70 does it then at least to 404 liters, the VW Eos even to 380 liters. And the Ford Focus CC comes even to 534 liters. After all, can the closed half-loaded Saab still acceptable: The sill is indeed quite high and the loading opening for this rather small. But who wants it more convenient, which should be better before ordering a station wagon.

Rudimentary is the boot but then when the top is. Especially during loading is disturbing that the top compartment can only be a small gap remains. It is enough for bags - beverage cases on the other hand are the loading problem. lenovo thinkpad sl400 battery The only way out load: Closed and only then can disappear from the roof. In the trunk under the cargo floor is a small temporary spare wheel - after all: Many competitor has only a repair kit on board.

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