Swedish sun B

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Swedish sun B

The fabric top is well insulated against the cold and ambient noise. Pushing a button it can be in a little over 20 seconds to open or close completely automatically. This is also at low speed to 30 km / h. The roof is largely sealed - in the car wash, it was only on the A-pillar a few drops of water on the inside. The rear window is glass, and consequently also heated. compaq evo n610c battery

In the open drive-round visibility is of course very well. If the roof is closed, the summary remains then only to the front really well - even the not very uncommon for a convertible. The substance-C-pillar is so wide that you can see quickly, especially when turning times a cyclist. And even when parking you need a good feel for the dimensions of his Saab - one suspects more where it begins and ends than it actually sees. The optional parking sensors are useful so spent. The security standard is - as it is for a Swedish car is - even at high Convertible: In terms of occupant protection in the EuroNCAP has cleared it for promptly crash five out of five stars.

A strength of the current Saab 9-3 is without doubt the 1.9-liter TTID diesel under the hood. Two series-connected turbos ensure correct performance. The reading is already impressive on paper: 132 kW/180PS and 400Nm of torque allow us to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.1 seconds and a top speed of 220 km / h. compaq evo n600c battery

min, in practice, and subjective impression is even better: Starting at 1400 rpm, the Saab is going strong and exerts its power evenly throughout the rev band. Even reaching 180 km / h it takes more gas to tire at no. In the motor cultivated and quiet - only when cold, take him a while acoustically aware true than diesel.

The surcharge six-speed automatic in our test car worked accurately and well coordinated with the twin-turbo diesel together - no audible dissonance, no switching holes. The consumption is officially good with 6.4 liters of diesel for a car of this class in order. And in everyday life you will come at half defensive driving barely above 7.0 liters fuel consumption per 100 km. Who the fun potential to offer him the motor and the circuit as an option, but every now and then exploit that is easily hunt sometimes even ten liters of diesel per 100 km through the atomizer. compaq evo n800c battery

In terms of (sports) is one gear even at such pace researchers are concentrating on the safe side - because the electronics intervene relatively early on de-escalating. The suspension is sporty tight, without refusing comfort. The Saab is like a skid on the road, only occasionally too rough bumps on to the passengers. Then it quickly becomes clear: the rigidity of the body is very good - even on bad roads open and not even shake the side mirror.

The equipment, the Saab Aero mitliefert is standard for this segment is quite lush - in view of the base price of just over 40,000 € but also appropriate. lenovo thinkpad z60m battery Two-zone climate control and bi-xenon lights, fog lamps and alloy wheels, sports suspension and cruise control are among the Aero to establish. 6-speed automatic (2200 €), light curve (1350 €), rear parking sensors (430 €) or Navi (as of 2730 euro) but also in extra Saab.

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