Switzerland introduced zinc oxide battery power rechargeable lithium battery three times

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Switzerland introduced zinc oxide battery power rechargeable lithium battery three times

Switzerland ReVolt company recently introduced a rechargeable zinc oxide batteries, lithium battery storage capacity is 3 times, and cost only half of its lithium batteries. ReVolt The company plans next year to this small-scale batteries for hearing aids, and then extended to mobile phones and electric bicycles, and finally may be used in electric vehicles.

According to a Yale University Web site message, the technology industry on Norway Norway Research Institute (SINTEF) design. Ordinary battery power contained within the reactant, and zinc oxide battery is in the air using activated carbon adsorption of oxygen as the cathode active material and zinc as the anode, to rely on ammonium chloride or caustic soda solution as the electrolyte. Compared with conventional batteries, zinc oxide battery explosion is not easy and has more battery power.

ReVolt company said rechargeable battery to overcome the traditional zinc oxide zinc oxide battery some serious flaws, such as repeatedly charging the battery to fail after a few electrical problems.

In addition, the company ReVolt has mastered the process in the electrolytic reduction of technical losses on the electrodes. Company CEO James? McDowell added (James McDougal), said zinc oxide battery This battery can be recharged 100 times or more. He hoped that before for mobile phones and electric bicycles, the charge number can reach 300 to 500 times.

Battery electrolyte franchise benefit from the new energy industry

The company's aluminum electrolytic capacitor battery chemicals and conventional lithium-ion battery electrolytes market share as high as 30% and 15%, among the best in the industry. The two products currently account for revenue and gross profit of the company more than 90%, the main downstream end products for home appliances, automobiles, electronic products, domestic market growth rate of 20-25% or so.

Lithium-ion battery and super capacitor electrolyte electrolyte, the main downstream for new energy vehicles and wind power batteries, solar power with energy storage batteries. This business now accounts for two relatively small, the company mainly for technical reserves and the sample pre-production, post-expansion as the market, the two types of business can provide high long-term growth.

The company is currently in production capacity state, so the company raised investment project mainly for the expansion of four products, in addition to R & D center will be built. We expect the project put into operation, electrolytic capacitor battery chemicals business proportion will drop to about 40%, while the lithium-ion battery electrolytes, solid polymer capacitors chemicals, super-capacitors have a larger business will improve electrolyte, respectively, 40%, 10%, 10%. Downstream demand for product diversification and industry diversification of the company both anti-risk ability and high growth capacity.

We expect the company 09,10,11,12 years after the release of EPS were 0.43,0.53,0.69,0.93 yuan. Growth for the company because the market faster, higher premiums, we do not carry out the relative valuation of 2009 EPS, while the reference Dragon Optical (300,029, stock it) the issue price, relative to give 20-25 times the 2012 EPS PE, proposed inquiry interval 18.60-23.25 yuan.

Downstream components and whole industrial demand fluctuations; downstream of the main chemical raw material price fluctuations; accounts receivable risk of occurrence of bad debts.


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