Sword of the new battery industry in Shenzhen to take the high

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Sword of the new battery industry in Shenzhen to take the high

June of this year, Shenzhen BYD Chairman Wang and Ma Dingwen Dorn, president of Volkswagen in Germany signed an agreement the two companies announced in electric cars and hybrid vehicles will be on development cooperation. European auto giant's favor, the interpretation of the level of Shenzhen, the new battery onto the international advanced level research and development.

As a new important component of the energy sector, new battery industry has become a new global hot spot for economic development. It is understood that Shenzhen has a relatively complete industrial chain of rechargeable batteries, is the largest industrial base of secondary battery, battery products include nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium ion batteries and lead-acid batteries. A financial tsunami, bringing an unprecedented global automotive manufacturers a huge impact, bringing new energy battery manufacturer in Shenzhen is an unprecedented opportunity to become a global car manufacturers of electric cars last straw, "Shenzhen Power" taking advantage of the world come from behind the scenes automotive battery research and development center of the stage. Driven by the independent innovation in Shenzhen BYD, BAK and other companies developed high-end car battery sword away and took the lead in the global commercial market reach.

The rapid development of Shenzhen battery industry

It is understood that the larger the city the number of rechargeable batteries more than 20 companies, most companies set up less than a decade, which accounted for 90% of private enterprises. These companies started from the production of nickel cadmium batteries, in ten years time, to lithium batteries, batteries and other high-end iron evolution. Now, the city nickel-cadmium battery production first, yield more than 1 billion, and BYD, BAK has a lithium battery and other areas in the world occupy the forefront of the large-scale enterprises.

According to government statistics show that the new materials industry in Shenzhen, the battery and the maximum value of energy and new materials, the output value of 9.4 billion in 2005, accounting for almost new materials, new energy, Shenzhen City, half of the total output value. In the past two years, with the mobile phone, laptop computer industry demand increases, the lithium battery output to a new level. Industry estimates, the new lithium battery has become the main force in the city, the output value of more than 200 billion, accounting for more than half of the new materials industry output share.

In 2007, the financial tsunami swept, the battery industry in our city have some impact, but compared to other export industries, the degree battery industry is not affected, many companies and even contrarian growth.

The "battery king" BYD, for example, in the past two years, BYD sales over 50% annual growth, self-developed iron batteries, causing "Warren" Buffett attention and funding, the share price 1 years, an increase of nearly 6 times, and the first to launch world's first commercial dual-mode F3DM electric vehicles, pure electric vehicle research and development situation is good. Now, the BYD Company Limited's lithium-ion batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium battery production were ranked second, third, first, has become the world's third largest battery manufacturers.

In addition, Shenzhen BAK other battery manufacturers, but also among China's largest manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries, was successfully listed in the United States in 2006. After December 2007, by the financial tsunami BAK, domestic orders rebounded sharply. According to the company official said, BAK 2008, to maintain a good and rapid development, the annual operating revenue of more than 20 billion, more than 40% over the previous year.

Strongly support the New Energy and Industrial City

Industry said that the rapid development of new energy industry in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen municipal government has been the great support. Government through funding arrangements, the downstream and upstream business environment, improve the industrial chain and other initiatives, to encourage new manufacturers to upgrade the energy industry into a more high-end automotive battery market.

In 2009, 9.08 billion yuan in Shenzhen Financial planning arrangements, will focus on high-tech and other pillar industries for support, support to guide foster innovation and industry, promote high-end industrial development, adjust and optimize industrial structure, to create "high-end, clustered headquarters-based, innovative "modern industrial system. Shenzhen new energy automotive industry funds the Shenzhen financial support.

Support in terms of resources, supplementary resources for the future of electric vehicles to achieve the purpose of training the military, now Shenzhen has opened three new energy vehicles, bus lines, will have 101 hybrid buses, 20 electric public service vehicles in operation. By 2010, Shenzhen will be subject to complete 863 tasks, running all kinds of electric vehicles 1000 and to fulfill the 2000. Building energy filling station 22 (charging stations, LNG stations, etc.), and the development of electric vehicle demonstration runs of management information platform.

In the strong government policy and funding support, Shenzhen new energy automotive industry to car manufacturers as the core, extending upstream and downstream, including vehicles, charging equipment, and related upstream of the core components related to resource industries gathered bases emerged. It is understood that in addition to the development of Longgang District, Shenzhen-based BYD new energy cars and to develop new energy bus-based Continental dragon, but also gathered a large number of R & D capability with a new energy battery business, for example: lithium-based R & D Shenzhen BAK Battery Co., Ltd., is committed to high manganese car batteries in Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd., Sun Hai.

Obvious advantages of supporting industries in Shenzhen. Related business executives said that Shenzhen application of electronic industry and information industry development, information construction process faster, information technology base, including batteries, motors, controllers, tires, electronics and information industry, high-tech R & D supporting the ability of technology companies industry is strongest in the world with the most complete. These are to enter the electric car Shenzhen to create a good environment for industrial development.

Short board was the industry's call for "national army"

Industry pointed out that although the city's rapid industrial development of new batteries, but the industry still significantly short board. Proliferation of small factories, such as lithium batteries, products of varying quality, the industry lack of unified planning, most of the technological innovation capability of small firms is not strong, product homogeneity serious. Shenzhen lithium battery produced a lot of family workshops, battery quality and worrying, the lack of core technology and high value-added products.

"This is the main need for government guidance, in particular, family workshops, small factories, black factories, need the government to come forward to rectify, so that the battery has a good reputation in Shenzhen." Industry said the government should increase support for efforts to encourage enterprises to increase technology R & D investment, as soon as possible to the high-end lithium battery market development; integration of resources, and vigorously support the strength of the cylindrical lithium batteries manufacturers to expand the scale of the enterprises bigger and stronger, driving the development of supporting manufacturers, the formation of the local industry chain; attention requirements of the European Union and other regions the continuous improvement of environmental products, and guide the production and use of environmentally friendly battery products, promote upgrading of products enterprises, encourage cell production enterprises to actively participate in international competition.

Industry also pointed out that although 90% of battery companies in Shenzhen is a private enterprise, but a lot of innovative behavior that belongs to the Shenzhen enterprise market behavior, access to state support is still inadequate. Industry insiders said that the relevant departments at the national forum or financing of new energy projects, few deep shadow enterprise, "National Army" was more closely linked with scientific research institutions of foreign enterprises.

Industry have pointed out, throughout the world experience in the development of new energy vehicles, new energy automotive industry in order to mature and grow, can not do without the visible hand of the Government's dual support and promote. After several years of efforts, initially formed in Shenzhen Wuzhou Dragon BYD and new energy companies as the pillar of the system of the automobile industry, with BAK Battery, Hang Sheng Electronics, Patel Jia, Hai Sun and a number of key new zero-energy vehicles parts business, has undertaken a number of related issues of national 863 Program, including new energy vehicles, test subjects, the typical urban conditions, Shenzhen, run the technical assessment of electric vehicle demonstration research project to run electric vehicles, Hong Kong and Macao deep test and technical evaluation and other issues, but less national project is still not an indisputable fact.

To the first mode listed F3DM commercial electric vehicles, has not yet been national policy to support the purchase offer. This year, the Japanese launched heavy preferential measures and targets based on the nature of environmentally friendly vehicles, to be paid to purchase new car purchase tax and vehicle weight tax can be free, reduction of 75% or 50% reduction. This led to the Toyota Prius and other new energy vehicles sales. Weapon industry experts said that while deep in research and development enterprises, for consideration of trade secrets, and more research and development alone, in fact, can be considered together with domestic universities, a research and development resources to fight for the country, among the "national army" ranks second to You can join hands with universities to jointly develop more advanced research and development company's future talent.


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