The energy box is dangerous

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Following last year’s production in August Dell recalled 4.6 million Sony laptop batteries, after August of this year, Nokia has recalled 46 million mobile phone batteries.

August 14, Nokia announced that due to existence of the risk of overheating will be a global replacement of 46 million within the Matsushita-made BL-5C mobile phone battery model.

Such “replacement”, that is, the industry called “recall.”

This is the second in August 2006, a large-scale recall of laptop batteries after one year, mobile phone industry, the largest battery recall.

For the recall, Nokia said the associated costs would be undertaken by lithium battery manufacturers Panasonic company. From Panasonic’s budget showed the cost of the recall could reach 86 million to 172 million U.S. dollars.

Sony laptop battery recall last year’s losses, up to 430 million U.S. dollars. In recent years, several large-scale recall of events, easily billion in losses, so that more and more confusing to consumers and the industry - how the lithium batteries?

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