The first frame of "zero emission" aircraft take-off by the fuel cell

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The first frame of "zero emission" aircraft take-off by the fuel cell

The world's first aircraft powered by fuel cells 7 manned aircraft took off in Hamburg, Germany, to achieve zero emissions of carbon dioxide.

The aircraft named "Antalya Rees" DLR-H2-type motor glider. It is by the German Aerospace Center and several private companies jointly developed. German Aerospace Center expert John - Dietrich Werner said: "We in the cell efficiency and performance improvements to achieve a number of aircraft taking off can rely on the fuel cell to achieve."

"Antalya Rees," the use of hydrogen as a fuel and air through the electrochemical reaction of oxygen to produce energy. The whole process of combustion does not occur, does not emit greenhouse gases, the only byproduct is water produced. If hydrogen fuel production processes that the use of renewable energy, then the aircraft can be completely true "zero emissions."

Under the best circumstances, the aircraft can fly for 5 hours flight radius of 750 kilometers.

Crystal plastic battery technology will drive the domestic first electric vehicle industry in technological upgrading of China

Crystal plastic battery technology pioneered

China's first world premiere crystal plastic battery technology recently held in Wuxi, the technology to fill the gap, the detonation of an electric car new energy revolution. Battery available capacity than traditional batteries with the size increase by nearly 20%, continued to increase mileage 20% more than the actual number of charge and discharge cycles can be used 400 times or more, is twice as common lead-acid battery life. Battery low temperature, in -10 鈩?to continue the mileage when the normal use of still more than 90% of the time and can be widely adapted alpine regions.


Chinese electric car industry in the past decade speeding the development of the global attention blowout, light electric vehicle production in recent years to maintain 80% annual growth rate has leapt to the global list. But China is still lost to the lack of core technology developed, batteries and other key components are still dependent on imports. New long-term strategic view of energy vehicles, battery technology is the key to the development of electric vehicle industry, and domestic competition in the industry, confusion, lack of uniform standards, battery development is relatively backward. With the crystal gel battery technology in the country's largest production base for the promotion of electric vehicles, will drive the electric vehicle industry in China, upgrading of technology in the international market, China will Yuechang Yue ring sound.


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