The first "Hainan create" Yingli Solar cells are exported to Europe

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The first "Hainan create" Yingli Solar cells are exported to Europe

Departure ceremony, the group labeled "Hainan" label solar cells are exported to Europe

Yingli Group's factory, workers are stepping up production of silicon in the scene

July 8 morning, accompanied by the whistle ship set sail, the first labeled "Hainan" label solar cells are exported to Europe, due to Yingli Group for more than 90% of the market in Europe and America, which means people in Europe and America will use the word "Hainan manufacturing."

According to statistics, the current procurement of domestic photovoltaic solar modules are mostly foreign power companies and enterprises, mainly in Europe, mostly in public buildings and large enterprise application-based solar power plant. Meanwhile, residents of European countries is also a great potential for solar energy applications, the data show, only the German PV market has been close to 50% of residents of the roof.

Yingli Group Chairman Miao birthday before the interview, said the current domestic applications in solar energy is still in its infancy, the PV product prices and higher cost of electricity is not in the country should not be a major factor in the rapid promotion. As the foreign market is relatively mature, so he expected the domestic photovoltaic companies continue to export, to seize the European markets.

As in the World Cup the first time in 70 years of history, the Chinese sponsor, British interest in the ads appear in the World Cup when a search engine's "user awareness" Statistics show that "British interests" word of concern about an early significant increased by 425%, visibility and a lot. Hainan Vice Governor Li Guoliang said first batch of "Hainan" label Yingli solar cells are exported to Europe, is the strategic choice of Yingli Group and Hainan location, resources, policies, combining advantages of the victory of sail. The subsequent launch of the "Hainan create" brand, and built manufacturing of photovoltaic energy equipment will be sold around the world.

New invention: the system can be battery dye jeans

According to "explore" Web site reported on the 7th, Cornell University scientists have discovered a pair of blue jeans can be a special dye molecules in the production of solar cell raw material into a new method, which makes jeans or will become a better solar cells sources of raw materials. It is reported that results of this study has been published in "Nature Chemistry" magazine.

Cornell University chemists say that this new method, their next step is to test other organic molecules that can fill the battery with internal cross-structure approach. Once the find method, solar cells can have a more flexible and lightweight making materials. It is understood by the majority of silicon solar cells made of heavy and lack flexibility, and efficiency is relatively low.

100-megawatt solar project was formally put into operation a complete industrial chain

July 8, the staff is operating solar battery cable.

The same day, China's Hainan Yingli a 100-megawatt solar project was formally put into operation a complete industrial chain, the first photovoltaic products will be sent to Europe. The total investment is 767 million yuan, the annual production value is put into a maximum of about 13 billion yuan, Hainan Province, the first photovoltaic industry.


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