The industry calls attention to recycling of waste electric bicycle battery

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The industry calls attention to recycling of waste electric bicycle battery

March 29, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry jointly issued the "new varieties of home appliances subsidy plan" and confirm the new species and other issues related to subsidies notice. Electric bikes are the product of this countryside, the biggest winner, a total of Hebei, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Hubei and other provinces have chosen 10 electric bicycle. This reporter recently interviewed found that some people in the industry to look further.

"Policy of home appliances, electric bicycle industry has injected new vitality. Electric bicycle to the countryside, not only to high-quality products to the rural areas, but also make high-quality service to the rural areas." China Bicycle Association Super Ma said.

Ma Super believes that the current electric vehicle battery recycling waste is not to be ignored, can not let the scrap yards have become the ultimate buyers of used batteries, resulting in individual criminals are at very low cost recycling of used batteries, turning to the old charge . Enterprises should fully understand that recycling of used batteries without delay.

To be regulated to battery recycling

March 16, Ms. Wu, who lives in Beijing's Chaoyang District, riding electric car to go shopping, go out not long, the battery indicator light turned red, the speed slowly drop down. "Fully charged before riding two days, loud noise was not any electricity!" Ms. Wu is very depressed. Ms. Wu feels wrong to find her for the battery repair shop. Wu checking the receipt to buy batteries, the staff acknowledged that this battery is theirs. In Wu's questioning the quality of the battery, the staff vaguely that some of the battery end of life, it can be re-"reform", and then sold into the market, this battery may be the case. As for how to "reform", they said do not know.

Reporters found in the survey, used to collect chaos phenomena of electric vehicle batteries - some scrap buyers apart the old battery lead is removed, and the high lead acid battery inside was abandoned, becoming a new source of pollution. In addition, some old batteries recycled, refurbished and re-listed, to get a lot of money from unscrupulous traders profit. Also, because there is no professional qualification waste recycling, the recycling of batteries for free treatment, the process can easily cause environmental pollution.

Super Ma said, from the current situation, to electric bicycle battery recycling under regulation, to submit marketing applications in addition to dealers, manufacturers entrusted with the operation agreement, the relevant business licenses and permits, it should also be submitted with the bike and go through the dealer , the battery manufacturer's recycling disposal agreement, and full supervision of its performance.

Companies improve the service system without delay

Electric bicycle as a new energy industry, in the course does not emit any exhaust gases, is the real green transport. It can be said, the electric bicycle industry for the promotion of energy conservation, low-carbon economy is of great significance.

In addition, the electric bicycle is more prominent advantage is cost. It is estimated that an electric bicycle, riding 30 km a day, electricity is only 0.4 yuan, plus the cost of battery consumption, but the total cost of 0.5 yuan; and a 100cc motorcycle on 30 kilometers, fuel consumption cost 4 dollars. Electric bicycle "countryside", for the economy has just developed the rural market is very appropriate.

In accordance with state regulations, each electric bicycle up to the countryside subsidies for $ 260. According to the China Bicycle Association's estimates, the estimated selling price of around $ 2000 bike will be the biggest benefit models, from the current market, about 70% of the vehicles in this range. The same projections, the electric bicycle industry is expected to increase several hundred million dollars a year market. But the opportunities and challenges, the electric bicycle enterprises are facing an unusual approach to development, is also facing a new round of reshuffle.

In accordance with state regulations, successful enterprises in the province of county-level coverage of sales outlets and distribution channels must be popular in rural market. Second, the policy also repair response time, backup units and other indicators made a clear request. Therefore, enterprises, strengthen the training of after-sales service team to provide adequate maintenance spare parts, improve the service system is imperative for one thing.

Super horse that enterprises should be the township as a unit to record network as a platform for home appliances, building products countryside to promote the station, electric bicycle to the countryside to carry out a comprehensive depth of information and services, security work.

Currently on the market for electric bicycles mixed, quality, price falls far short of some brands of electric bicycle battery of poor quality, short-mileage status, super horse, said the China Bicycle Association will fully rely on and play around, the role of associations at all levels , careful organization, and strengthen supervision and promote medium and small enterprises of all types to seriously study the rural market and specifically targeted to rural areas to develop marketable products, and strive to put the best product design for the countryside. At the same time, to tie in regulation and supervision of government departments in more efforts to crack down on sales by the name home appliances act fake and shoddy products, electric bicycle to the countryside to work effectively and realistically do a good job, so that farmers can buy with confidence, at ease .

General investment of 8 million to expand the size of the battery lab

K-Automotive News Dow Jones reported that General Motors recently announced that GM will invest U.S. $ 8 million of its car battery to double the laboratory scale.

GM's battery lab in Michigan, is the largest most advanced automotive battery lab. Use of the sum invested, the general area of the cell laboratory will expand the current 30,000 square feet to 6.3 million square feet. The expansion will also improve the general installation and removal of the battery pack, battery safety and durability, battery manufacturing capacity, R & D battery charger, battery and battery energy storage capacity of six areas of ability.

In addition to laboratory-scale investment to expand the battery, the GM also launched in January this year the production of its lithium battery plant. Universal battery factory in Michigan browns town, the plant produces automotive battery group. GM is the first U.S. vehicle assembly plant has a lithium battery factory.

General Motors Investment battery and battery plant laboratory fully show its promising electric vehicle development.


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