Top Ten record stock: Desai battery topped or 126.85%

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Top Ten record stock: Desai battery topped or 126.85%

While the broader market is still stumble endlessly, many stocks are still struggling to find support when there is a lot of stock price hit a new high in quietly. Statistics show that without the right to handle complex, as of May 5, motherboards and small plates with 10 stocks closing price hit a new high since listing, which mainly in pharmaceutical stocks and stock-based seed industry.
TOP1 battery Desai (000,049, stock it) or accrued during the year: 126.85%

Fundamentals: data, loss of 35.6469 million yuan last year, Desai battery; in quarterly net profit of 9,651,900 yuan, the successful turnaround. In addition, the company also expects first half net profit of 16.3 million yuan will be -2460 million, representing growth of at least 203% over the same period last year.

Chips to: a quarter of the top ten shareholders of circulation, in addition to a major shareholder Desai industry, the other nine positions are occupied individual investors. It is worth mentioning that the number of shareholders by the end of 2009 reduced to 21 176 23 223, the average 3073 shares held by the outstanding shares increased to 6462 shares in circulation decrease the number of households and average household holdings of shareholders doubled, indicating the company The chips tend to focus on.

Comments trend: a new spin-off of energy and the concept of battery Desai, share price since April rapid rise can be said that technical and fundamentals of the perfect combination. Technically speaking, after a month after the consolidation, Desai battery in the market in mid-April since the breakthrough success of the high point, in the absence of selling pressure plate, the staged "Plains," the trend. Company's first quarter earnings per share 0.07 yuan, net profit rose 218.27%, compared to a continuous rise in stock price made a comment on the fundamentals. But after the stock of hot money speculation in turn, pulled close attention by main force to flee.

TOP2 Farah E (600,563, stock it) or accrued during the year: 69.50%

Fundamentals: the company in 2009 net profit of 120 million yuan, an increase of 30.28%; earnings per share were 0.53 yuan; quarter 2010 revenues of 266 million yuan, an increase of 71.33%. Net profit of 49.36 million yuan, an increase of 150.56 percent, corresponding to earnings per share of 0.22 yuan.

Chips to: Shareholders of the first quarter of the total households 11 509 more than last year at the end of 17 645 significantly reduced, the average shares outstanding increased by the end of last year's 12 751 19 550, further concentration of ownership. Although a quarter of the top ten shareholders of circulation, the fund has "rotation." 3 to 10, but the position is still occupied by the Fund in.

Comments trend: the company belongs to the emerging industry Ushimata frequent since late March has been relying on the 10 day moving average higher volatility. Brokerage researchers said that in 2010 the company's share price catalysts will come from its new energy strategy to gradually implement the performance brought thickening. Film capacitors in the broad field of application of new energy, new energy strategy is to build a company basis.

TOP3 Ultrasonic Electronics (000,823, stock it) or accrued during the year: 62.22%

Fundamentals: Company 2009 basic earnings per share 0.2533 yuan, an increase of 1.65%, 2010, a quarterly total revenue of 650 million yuan, an increase of 45.18%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 24.163 million yuan, up greatly increased 227.92 percent.

Chips to: As at end of the quarter, a total of 43,601 shareholders, with the end of 45 674 compared to last year, further concentration of ownership. Top ten shareholders of the six funds, blue chip South (202,003, fund it) growth, sending the broader market (270,007, fund it) to grow Galaxy Intime (150,103, fund it) and Galaxy sound financial dividends (151001, Fund bar) for a quarter of new entrants; and Fidelity winning selection in the first quarter will increase to 701 million shares; However, 12 million shares held by the end of the Lion Value (320005, fund it) growth in first quarter reduction by half; and Harvest Collection (070,013, fund it) and Everbright Pramerica new growth (360,006, fund it) out of the top ten shareholders.

Comments trend: since mid-March, stock prices continued to soar, mainly based on the performance of the company there is a clear to the good at the same time, the company belongs to this emerging industry is considered to be the biggest investment opportunities lie. Analysts said the stock has been almost locked chips, immeasurable pulled up, showing the center line of bull stock quality stock, the continued strength is still worth the wait.

TOP4 Jingxin Pharmaceutical (002,020, stock it) or accrued during the year: 60.34%

Fundamentals: continuous improvement of company performance. Although the realization of net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is only 3.75 million yuan, but compared to a loss of 20.33 million yuan in 2008, to achieve profitability. First quarter of 2010, net profit of 1.89 million yuan, an increase of more than 40 times. In addition, the company expects net profit in January-June this year 400-600 million a year, an increase of 50%.

Chips to: reduce the number of households from the company's shareholders to increase per household holdings of view, to further focus the company chips. As of the end of the first quarter, not institutions stationed in Beijing, the new medicine, for the first time by institutional investors of all ages, the sun set Everbright Everbright Securities asset management plan in the first quarter to buy 216.76 million shares, appear in the first position of the top ten shareholders of circulation 4 on.

Comments trend: January 27 announced a major shareholder close to the secondary market price to buy shares, the company relies on 10 days on the average share price rose out of the stage of the upward trend, relatively independent of the market. The industry believes that major shareholders purchase shares at high prices, shows the company's management of the company's confidence in the future. First, through a company's share price rose 20% adjusted sideways, the recent re-posting gains, indicating that one of the main funds are still active.


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