Troops optimistic about the new low-carbon economy energy battery industry

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Troops optimistic about the new low-carbon economy energy battery industry

Increasingly urgent issue of climate change, Copenhagen's ability to achieve control within 2 ℃ temperature rise is related to the objectives of the serious problems of human existence. Widely expected, and Costa will be the focus of the participating countries will focus on specific emission reduction commitments, analysts believe that this will directly promote the new energy battery industry and the development of green lighting.

New energy battery industry: benefits of new energy vehicle development program

According to media reports, the National Development and Reform Commission automobile team leader Wang Shulin has revealed "new energy vehicle development plan" has been submitted to the State Council, is expected to formally promulgated in March 2010. In addition, state departments will also be launched next year the development of new energy vehicles for the five supporting measures. Analysts believe that the new benefit will be more energy battery industry the concept of new energy vehicles.

New energy vehicles in March next year, the introduction of planning or

While the concept of the new energy market stir, at the policy level is also constant reports of good. Recently held in Nanchang, the new energy vehicles with lithium-ion batteries feature forums, the National Development and Reform Commission automobile team leader Wang Shulin said that China will soon publish technical specifications of new energy vehicles, and new energy vehicle development plan submitted by the Development and Reform Commission The State Council, was formally promulgated in March next year.

CITIC Securities (600030) auto industry analyst Chen believes that this concept of some new energy battery companies, such as Shanshangufen (600,884), Jiangsu Guotai (002,091), and other battery manufacturers to benefit more, but for the entire automotive sector in particular, is SAIC, FAW and other large car companies has little effect. Energy vehicles would be more broken down car battery industry and the concept of the upstream companies have a certain impact. March release of "automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" presented to the 50 million units in 2011 to form a production capacity of short-term goal, which is currently more than 1300 million for production of the automotive industry is concerned, a very small proportion of new energy vehicles. For their own smaller battery business, will be the last major supply mobile phones, computers and other battery cells to production, 500,000 will be a tremendous volume of business, therefore, the rise of new energy concepts will greatly enhance the performance of these enterprises .

Back in March 2009 release of "automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" for new energy vehicles in the electric car, the NDRC had been clearly put forward in 2011 to form a production capacity of 500,000 short-term goal. It is understood that electric vehicles, power batteries, electric motors, power electronics, and other key components of cost, accounting for the cost of electric vehicle 30% -50%. On this basis 500,000 electric vehicles in production value is expected to reach 1,000 billion yuan.

Previously, the two countries issued a joint statement in Beijing, both sides agreed the next five years on the US-China Clean Energy Research Center to spend at least $ 150,000,000, priority research topics will be clean vehicles. Market believes that the Sino-US joint statement of cooperation on new energy sources, so digital is relatively rare in history, is expected to form the new energy vehicles substantial positive plate.

State Council Development Research Center of Industrial Economics Research Department, Feng Fei, energy experts believe that the two sides are expected to take the lead in the field of electric vehicles for cooperation, the Chinese electric vehicle has a huge market and manufacturing cost advantage, but the overall level of the automotive industry, industrial technology, infrastructure was not enough, this is precisely the United States has a huge advantage, so the two sides took the lead in the field of electric vehicles to launch a new type of automotive products, will become a reality.

Lithium batteries is expected to ship next year, double the vehicle

As environment-friendly vehicles are sought after worldwide, hybrid and electric cars sells automotive battery market the next few years will be expanding rapidly. Fuji Institute of Economic Research reported that in 2010, after the vehicle battery market will quickly recover and continue to expand. The report predicts that by 2014, global battery manufacturers than the amount of total shipments in 2008 increased 45.2%, to 6.2392 trillion yen. Among them, the rechargeable battery market will be extended to 4.9983 trillion yen, an increase of 66.8%. It is worth mentioning that the needs of the automotive industry will become the main engine battery market expansion, expected in 2009 shipments of lithium batteries for automobiles will amount to 10.4 billion yen in 2008, based on the double to 250 billion yen; By 2014, the size of the market will rapidly expand to 2.25 trillion yen, is about 215 times in 2008.

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants on the global prospects of new energy vehicles a new study predicts that by 2020 China's power drive assembly parts and components market worth over 10 billion euros, of which 2011, 2014 and 2017 the market value were 6 billion, 2.4 billion and 56 billion euros, the estimated market value of medium in 2020 will reach 6.5 billion euros, even conservative estimates will reach 2.4 billion euros. Based on the forecast the next 10 years, Chinese enterprises in the future hybrid and electric vehicles an advantage the development of the field, in particular, the core components, including battery developments in the field has great potential as a raw material cost advantage of Chinese enterprises, manufacturing equipment and labor cost advantage.

According to Roland Berger predicts that by 2020 will be the major markets in Western Europe, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids will be the annual sales of more than 300 million, ranking China second, and 158 million units.

With the plug-in hybrids, electric cars all the related parts, the Roland Berger predicts that by 2020, the battery components in the global market share in the largest share of the market size will 9600000000-297 euros between. Now, China suppliers and Japan, South Korea, North America, Europe, the supplier has a huge cost advantage compared to, so will the battery in quality standards, the difference between life and price will become increasingly smaller.

Roland Berger believes that the demand for battery electric vehicles will become the main source of lithium production growth is expected that by 2020 there will be eye-catching 70% of the average annual compound growth rate. Despite the significant growth in demand, but because of higher reserves, experts do not think there will be the production of lithium shortage, but there may be a temporary increase in price risk exists.

Optimistic about the variety of independent innovation of automotive batteries

Analysts said Wang SW, promising new energy policy driven by investment opportunities in automotive battery industry, promising varieties of independent innovation of automotive batteries. SW believes that the next 3-5 years, HEV Ni-MH battery will remain the mainstream of new energy vehicles, HEV will PH EV, EV co-existence about 10 years. In 3-5 years, with the yield of lithium iron phosphate batteries to bring the cost of upgrading the decline, and the national network of charging stations for the gradual establishment of lithium iron phosphate as the main driving force of the PH EV, EV will usher in a broad development prospects. Recommended Corun (600 478), Shanshangufen, Jiangsu Guotai, Tibet Mining (000 762).

SW is expected in the future and the localization rate of subsidy policy is likely to hook. In the development strategy, the State expects of new energy vehicles as an opportunity to catch up with its own technology. I believe Sino-US cooperation, China will adhere to the independent research and development of the road. Possible future introduction of new energy vehicles subsidy standards, and key components will be linked to local production and encourage the autonomy of key parts as soon as possible and the basis of the localization of raw materials. Same time the country will also improve the access threshold, strict product review system.

SW expected follow-up national relevant ministries, will be introduced to encourage large-scale electric vehicle applications and the development of specific incentive policies. The industrialization of new energy vehicles, including the most important policy for consumers to buy new energy vehicles are subsidized, and the development of new energy vehicles and infrastructure planning. Introduction of these two policies will solve the bottlenecks and the use of consumption bottleneck.

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