Use of RTLS CenTrak announced more than 10 years of battery life

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Use of RTLS CenTrak announced more than 10 years of battery life

CenTrak is a leading hospital equipment to track real-time location system (RTLS) provider, recently announced the adoption of advanced technology to improve its market-leading battery-powered part of the performance, battery life increased to more than 10 years. Now CenTrak's RTLS infrastructure combines the latest patented technology, used in modern battery life more than doubled. All the battery life of 3 seconds of data are positioning speed uninterrupted computing.

CenTrak President and CEO Ari Naim, Ph.D., said: "In addition to providing the best positioning accuracy outside, CenTrak of battery-powered pointing device easy to install, no wiring, battery life is very long, on-site to replace the battery more than changing light bulbs is also easy, and for a much lower frequency of these devices make CenTrak become a leader in this position. This technological breakthrough allows us to install the maintenance leisurely, more at ease. CenTrak hospital can now install the RTLS, 10 years or longer need to worry about changing batteries. "

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Magee Women's Hospital, director of innovation and technology development center Stephen DiGioia said: "more than two years, we have been using CenTrak real-time positioning system, the battery is original. CenTrak we continue to expand the network, used to track assets and patients and staff. The original five-year battery life we use enough, and now this technology will be the solution to a new level to achieve this level of battery life, the system can be seen as a maintenance-free. "

CenTrak core RTLS in combination with second-generation infrared (Gen21R) and active RFID technology called DualTrak patents, and traditional techniques are different. Battery-powered monitor the use of Gen21R room number will be sent out. Label use of the hospital's existing wired or Wi-Fi network, through the radio room number and the unique identification number transferred to CenTrak positioning server. Hospital staff can access real-time network, the network with third-party solution providers together.

Gen21R and light, it would not pass through walls, are not as distance limitations of traditional IR. Therefore, the label will not have to read the room number wrong. This is a deterministic RTLS. Different information and estimates, the hospital can use a deterministic positioning data, the workflow for important improvements, automatic decision-making. Only the location data with certainty, most hospitals in order to improve workflow.

Lithium battery materials industry: high entry barriers to the recommended rating

The next 5-10 years electric cars will gradually mature, and thus become the killer application for lithium batteries. Lithium batteries as a core component, there will be a hundred times more than the size of the industry growth. We give lithium battery materials industry "overweight" rating, the proposed robust investor, preferred electrolyte; active investor, preferred diaphragm. We Recommend Fosugufen (000,973), New chou (300,037), Jiangsu Guotai (002,091), when the rise (300 073), while long-term interest Shanshangufen (600,884), Fluoride (002 407).

The promotion of electric cars lithium battery materials will drive explosive growth in demand. Stimulate the economy and energy savings as an effective means of electric cars become the focus of policy support to Governments, lithium battery electric vehicles will become mainstream.

Integrated technology, product profitability and demand growth, we are all sub-sectors sorted as follows: From the technical maturity to consider the electrolyte> lithium iron phosphate = lithium hexafluorophosphate> separator; from the product yield into account, divide> lithium hexafluorophosphate> lithium iron phosphate> electrolyte; the rising demand from the battery room for growth into account, lithium iron phosphate> separator> = lithium hexafluorophosphate electrolyte.

Lithium cobalt oxide cathode materials still account for most of the market share, but the growth rate will gradually decline. Traditional field of lithium batteries, lithium manganese oxide and ternary materials will have more room for development, and major domestic battery in the field to develop lithium iron phosphate-based. At present the main difficulty lies in the lithium iron phosphate to improve product consistency.

Electrolyte for lithium hexafluorophosphate electrolyte requirements of high purity, so the free acid and impurities control the production of lithium hexafluorophosphate key experience with fluorine chemical business has certain advantages. Domestic market dominated by a handful of Japanese companies a monopoly, and Fluoride Jiangsu Guotai ongoing trial, is expected to make a breakthrough. The core technology is the lithium electrolyte formula, barriers to entry are relatively low, the main challenge the company's technical service capabilities.

Membrane is the highest lithium battery materials, technical barriers, also the highest profit. Currently only four ordinary lithium battery separator to produce, import dependence up to 80%, while dry process production of battery separator, the domestic have not been able to achieve localization.


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