Visited the Solar Fair in Japan

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Visited the Solar Fair in Japan

July 2, 2010 electric annual three-day exhibition and the fifth of Japan Solar Energy Exhibition 2 World Peace Conference at Yokohama International Center closed. During the exhibition, in addition to various Japanese companies show a more practical solar power equipment, a variety of environmentally friendly products, technologies and related machinery has also attracted many visitors.

The Japanese company Kyocera solar panels, both as a roofing material performance, set this place solar panels no longer lay flat tile, construction costs can be reduced sense. This solar panel in two sizes, can be assembled into a complex roof shapes. Kyocera is also a live demonstration of a variety suitable for roof construction methods.

Fuji Electric Systems exhibited thin-film solar cells. This battery can be rolled up like a sheet the same, handling is very convenient. This solar only two or three millimeters thick, only about 4 kilograms per square meter weight, you can use as a waterproof layer, laying is also very simple, can be laid directly on the roof without stents.

Daido Steel's production of concentrated solar cells is unique, it is not the usual kind of flat-shaped solar cell, but one upside down like a bowl together. It's light-gathering ability is more powerful solar cell output power is twice as common. This glass-like transparent solar cells installed on the pillars, will not affect the use of the ground. If the sensor can be fitted to the pillar of the sun light device, the battery pack will automatically rotate to track the sun, when its power generation capacity can be doubled.

In addition to solar batteries, biofuels, wind power and other new energy technologies and services in the exhibition are also of concern.

Wuchang Co., Ltd. based in Yokohama, made a "low-carbon society to participate in the construction of livestock are" slogan, developed the use of livestock manure to produce bio fuel technology. The use of new technology to dry the wood powder livestock manure, and thus can replace fossil fuels, the production of composite biofuels. Thus, livestock can become the treasure house of unlimited energy generation.

Kyoto Institute of Advanced Technology has developed a small-scale bio-diesel fuel fabrication machine. This machine is very small, like an ordinary two-door refrigerator. This machine can use waste cooking oil to produce bio diesel, biodiesel can also be used combined with limestone to produce a useful catalyst.

Wan Yu Co., Ltd. unveiled a unique wind turbine. This generator wind turbine blades are not common single three-wing, but by the double-wing type wind wheel superimposed together to form, while the top two leaves together, but do not overlap. This "ring-wing wind wheel" has the advantage of no noise, even when wind speeds reach 12 meters per second as well. The most notable is that the structure of the wind turbine power generation in ocean currents can also use this structure in the strong currents in the stability of the top leaves can be of a rapid transfer to the rotation axis, so that power generation efficiency higher.

Tokyo Gas Co. will showcase a model of intelligent energy networks. Smart energy networks constitute the three elements is the use of renewable energy, heat and power facility to achieve, to achieve optimal control of demand and supply. This model often can not focus on the heat full use of the present situation of not only the power to establish a network of heat can also create a network between buildings and to achieve inter-regional hot intermediation. This model can be balanced between different structures and different regions of the energy supply capacity, so that the first large-scale and efficient use of the machine possible. The installation of smart meters in the network, so according to demand patterns provide energy possible. Smart energy network can give priority to the use of renewable energy, stability, energy networks and improve the city's energy security.

There are 450 companies and organizations participated in the exhibition, creating the largest ever.

Sharp for the U.S. government to provide solar panels directly

Sharp and the U.S. Federal Bureau of General Services signed an agreement to purchase by government agencies (GSA) announced the 056 solar module supply contracts directly PV modules. That Sharp has passed a rigorous examination, reached the state of the art quality building materials / industrial services and supplies industry high standards. GSA provides to the U.S. government the best price, and can directly purchase and delivery of products.

Sharp Solar Energy Solutions, said Ron Kenedi, vice president, "Sharp should be happy, because now the federal government to provide for Sharp solar panels, and we look forward to increasing our level of service to meet the Government agencies and their contractors for renewable energy growing demand.

Sharp, high-quality solar panels, competitive price and on the U.S. market for solar products and reliable after-sales service.


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