Wang Weidong: to become a world-class service provider specializing in the production of lithium

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Wang Weidong: to become a world-class service provider specializing in the production of lithium

Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Weidong, general manager of United win

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Battery equipment manufacturers and many similar experiences, Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Weidong win cooperation with entrepreneurial ambitions, started to rely on mechanical parts processing. His work in 1999 south of Shenzhen, after 10 years of hard work, he founded and now by the carefully crafted "win together" has been one of a lithium automation equipment industry, one of the most influential. Wang Weidong is leading his team to the "world-class service provider specializing in the production of lithium" before the goal line, with practical actions made for him "to win the cooperation of each person has a good end" for the most powerful comments.

Reporter: As a development, production, sales as one of the lithium automated production equipment, high-tech enterprises, "win together" after just three years of development, research and development to adapt to the needs of China's lithium battery production equipment manufacturers. Do you think "win together" the rapid development of the secret?

Wang Weidong: In recent years the rapid development of lithium industry gives us a good opportunity, this is a very important external factors; company early "processing" a very good experience in the technology accumulation, to be "equipment" provided a great support, allows us to quickly achieve "successful transition", which is also an important factor; and I think the more critical is the company a clear market positioning, clear strategic goals and in a day of team building, co-existence of a Zi to win dash, which is reflected in our work within the atmosphere, we are very dedicated, and we laugh as "technical mad", "mad business"; in the external manifestations of our whole team dedicated, sincere style of work, if it so-called "secret", I think it should be that this "trial of strength."

Reporter: Win All science and technology since its inception has always attached importance to product development and design and timely replacement, with a number of independent intellectual property rights, but also by the Shenzhen City was awarded "High-tech Enterprise", "the most growth in the value of Shenzhen hundred enterprises" "Shenzhen City, quality of service good faith demonstration enterprise" and so on. Do you think "independent research" for an enterprise, does that mean?

Wang Weidong: For private enterprises, to do bigger and stronger, not have their own competitive products and core technologies is unrealistic, and then "independent research" means that enterprises should be a prerequisite for development and growth. To win cooperation is concerned, we are actually taking in research and development is a "learning - in time - over" the road of transformation, which is the industry created a large environment, we now developed countries did not start from a starting line, so We want to quickly catch up, first "learning" to "choosing the good from the", so that we can avoid detours; followed by the "rush", China's lithium batteries have their own characteristics, so we engage in technology innovation, spend more effort in research and development, but also to ensure that R & D results to the real industrialization. Battery manufacturers in the "rush", equipment manufacturers, of course we have to "rush" to solve their problems and meet their needs, it realizes its own sublimation; the last is "super", after the previous two processes, we build team, our technology is mature, and our market share up, we should aspire to go beyond, can not stop, can not wait, because the shopping centers like riding a boat behind. So, to say innovation is the soul of development, is the vitality of a business and life.

Reporter: At present, the market is very competitive battery industry, winning co-products in the technology which lead to other advantages of similar products?

Wang Weidong: There are two major aspects. The first is structural: the domestic battery manufacturers in the production processes each have their own "personality", on the one hand we are actively exploring the device's basic function is more superior to highlight "feature to win together"; the other hand, according to the customer need to increase the number of unique features, highlighting the "user characteristics", making the overall structure and properties of equipment to fully meet customer needs. The second is the precision machining: equipment design good enough, also need to strictly control the quality of each part, so that the equipment assembled to achieve the design of precision and stability. Own mainframe plus plants in this area allows us to control more confident on the device installed in each part can be traced back to its manufacturing producers.

Reporter: In addition to advanced technology and products, the product after-sales service is valued by users, win together science and technology in this regard is how to do it?

Wang Weidong: United win the first piece of equipment from the factory, we propose a concept: anything can be copied, only the service can not be copied. Each of our businesses and individuals both producers are also consumers, so customers "want" what kind of service, we can go to listen, to understand better, put ourselves in for the customer, always provide attentive service in the first bit, which is "win together" can quickly grow the most critical step. Currently, the company customer service is divided into south, north, central, eastern four regions, designated persons specifically Kong, form a complete network system to ensure that customer service in the country's rapid response.

Reporter: Win All science and technology will participate in 8-10 April 2010 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center "The Second China (Shanghai) International Exhibition battery products and technologies", and 180 square meters of Haozhuang booth display How do you see this exhibition platform? The exhibition will show what products?

Wang Weidong: Zhenwei Group gives us a good platform, allowing us to display their products to the public, presented to the customer together. Our company is very careful every time exhibitors for the exhibition in Shanghai, the same is the result of multi-understand, decided to participate. Exhibition area together to win this is the largest company in a previous exhibition. We will display at the show several new products, such as automatic lamination machine, cutting machine and so on.

Reporter: All science and technology have won many times by the media attention, Mr. Wang Weidong invited to accept the CCTV "Dialogue" section of the interview, to share successful entrepreneurial process. Will the company's core competence is what?

Wang Weidong: core competence is our people, our employees. Wrap-up session a few days before opening, there is a staff speech he won joint work along with 3 years time. He can not win the cooperation of the language to express feelings, he said the Chinese New Year to go home, years later, as well as "home", the company so that each employee feel at home, do not know how to describe this feeling, said earnings for tears Orbital ... ...

Currently co-workers to win the turnover rate is very low, without any cases of disputes with employees. Companies from 2010 in preparation for GEM, if "winning together" to market successfully and I believe that every employee is a good opportunity, so that we can create a brighter prospect of the road.

Reporter: Win All science and technology co-founded in 2008 to win the International (Hong Kong) Limited, to speed up cooperation with international standards and win the pace in opening up foreign markets, what new measures to win together?

Wang Weidong: Win with international financial crises created, can be said that in the cusp. I think if we all "closed" when it is our "open door" time. United International has won this year's profit. We in the UK, U.S., Australia, have established a fixed sales network. We are currently working in related fields to establish e-commerce platform, crafted in the lithium battery on the device. Believe that, through their own efforts and the Chinese battery industry fast development momentum, the road will be wider and wider overseas market.

Postscript: Wang Weidong legendary for their own business experience tend to play to a little over, more to talk about his employees, his team. He always stressed that today's brilliant performance is mainly due to the good development momentum of the industry and perseverance and hard workers. The king his office hangs a very eye-catching horizontal tablet, "be tolerant to diversity," It is such a broad vision of an inclusive and rigorous and pragmatic attitude, so that gathered together to win a large number of good people. More importantly, they have their beliefs, it has the passion and courage. Needless to say, Wang Weidong, and his heart full of elite team the ideal blueprint, and "win together" with the vision of a brighter future and the future.


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