Waste battery recycling is also talk about science

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Waste battery recycling is also talk about science

May 31, "the Beijing Youth Daily" comment letters column published version of Beijing residents Kim's letter, that "the best of used batteries in recycling bins near the supermarket," and this proposal is good, but, for the recycling of used batteries should be scientific treatment, should not blindly encourage collective recovery.

Mention of the past, people used batteries littering the phenomenon, think of the environmental pollution, for those who pay attention to collection of used batteries and used batteries can pay attention to the "home" pay tribute to the people, which of course is understandable. But sometimes common sense needs to be updated. Since 2006, China's sales of the battery has reached the level of mercury. Currently, the market circulation and home use qualified batteries, mercury batteries are all (the mercury content of less than 0.0001% of battery weight). Countries do not encourage the focus on the collection has reached the national low mercury or mercury-free requirements of used disposable batteries and nickel cadmium batteries, lead acid batteries are the focus of the collection.

Now, the family household batteries used in household appliances and general trash, and do not cause significant pollution to the environment, but once concentrated together, to deal with bad but is a larger source of pollution. This environmental science, a lot of people is not very clear, one-sided that some people still think that ordinary household batteries also need to focus on storage, if such an approach does not change, but the phenomenon will cause repeated the baseless assertion, is not conducive to awareness of environmental science training.


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