Where Opel travels without his mother?

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Where Opel travels without his mother?

Opel is still a part of General Motors, the third largest car manufacturer in the world. But in Germany inspiron e1705 battery, calls to the separation of the Americans. But can Opel ever exist without the parent company?


Theoretically, this is at least possible. For the group of companies from General Motors (GM) is not as solid as it seems from the outside. According to an Opel spokesman for the engines, transmissions and body parts for the vehicles to be built in his own works. Smaller components are manufactured by "independent suppliers," one of which is next to Bosch, Conti and Schaeffler also Magna, the spokesman continued. Thus could the GM's European subsidiaries operate largely independently.

Another question are the patents, that is, the rights to use the technique to the Opel could previously access restrictions. These include inventions such as engine technology, chassis development, aerodynamics, inspiron e1405 battery electronics. "The patents are in a GM-wide patent pool", an Opel spokesman.

These patents should GM have reportedly pledged most of the U.S. government to get the needed funds for bridging the current production. This is also a reason why the federal government is involved in the Opel rescue so strong. In the morning, "said Angela Merkel Bundeskanzerlin: The company forms part of the GM parent company is essentially the U.S. government. And so it goes without saying that a Federal Government is in talks with the U.S. government must care more than in all the ordinary cases. "

The U.S. government could be convinced by the Germans to pass an independent Opel group rights. But General Motors will agree? That would say that GM's subsidiary still owed about three billion dollars. GM Europe President Carl-Peter Forster, who hopes to get the patents or at least the full inspiron 9400 battery rights of use.

The important question for this week is Opel, which makes the three candidates the race. From the German side is far preferred Magna. The Austro-Canadian car manufacturer operates factories for car parts in Europe and is now manufactures car parts for Opel. Magna also has reworked his concept after the critique of politics: First, the suppliers had planned to strike in Bochum in 2200 of about 5,000 jobs and shift production to the Astra Rüsselsheim. The new details are not yet known, but have already been well received by government.

The GM group in the U.S. seems so far the financial investor Ripplewood to be the favorite among the three. The investor would be there only on the return that all business decisions to remain with GM and therefore Opel.

Fiat will have a hard time. Although Sergio Marchionne seems to strive to present the most thinkpad t60p battery committed to the acquisition, but is the American parent company, most likely across. The reason: Along with Chrysler, Fiat is now a competitor for GM in the American market.

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