Will strengthen the Japanese Kaneka thin-film solar home sales

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Will strengthen the Japanese Kaneka thin-film solar home sales

Japanese solar cell manufacturers Kaneka Corp. 17 day issued a press release announced that as Japan's solar power generation equipment installation grants Zhengfu the system of preferential policies on the road, is expected to lead Houxu Japanese Jiayong rapid growth demand for solar cells, so the company will strengthen Jiayong Film sales of solar cells to follow Japan's inroads into the huge solar cell business. So far, Kaneka solar cells produced by a 9 percent are exported to Europe and other overseas countries.
Reported that in addition to the company will strengthen partnerships between housing providers, but also will accelerate the construction contractor with the cooperation of Japan, to expand the market share of solar cells. According to a press release in Japan in 2008 for domestic market size of 220MW of solar cells around the year 2009 will exceed the estimated 400MW, 2011 year doubled to 800MW is expected to further scale.
Kaneka to go (2008) by the end of announced plans to gradually increase solar cell production capacity to 10 gigawatts by 2015 (1 GW). Kaneka pointed out, it will first spend more than 10 billion yen to enhance the plant capacity Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, in summer 2010 is expected to increase production capacity from 80MW to 150MW.

Zhengzhou, amorphous silicon thin film solar cell manufacturing operation in September

"If everything goes smoothly, in another 10 days, New Energy Co., Ltd. Henan Argus amorphous silicon thin film solar cell samples to be off the assembly line." Yesterday afternoon, standing in the company workshop, new materials, Zhengzhou High-tech Zone Industrial Park Management Office package, said the people happy.
New Energy Co., Ltd. Henan Argus for amorphous silicon thin film solar cells and supporting product research, production and sales. Argus Solar thin film solar production base for R & D projects an investment of 300 million yuan, annual output of 25 MW of amorphous silicon thin film solar cells. The project started in November last year, is put into the formation of the output value of 4 billion. Now plant has been completed, equipment is installed, the ongoing commissioning program by the end of July or early August samples off the assembly line, officially put into operation in September.
It is reported that the second half of this year, the company will start construction of 50 MW production line next year to form the production capacity of 75 megawatts. Project Phase II production capacity will reach 300 MW, 1,000 MW of production capacity three. The company plans three years after the completion of the central region of the photovoltaic industry production, R & D base and senior technical personnel training base.

Nissan invested 200 million euros in Portugal to build electric car battery factory

Portuguese Prime Minister Socrates and Vice President of Nissan Europe, at 20, Eric Nicholas, held a press conference to announce the two sides entered into a collaboration, the Nissan European companies investing in Portugal about 2 million euros to build lithium batteries for electric vehicle factory.
Nicholas said at a news conference, the final battery factory site has not yet finalized, the plant is expected to commence operation in 2012.
Socrates said in the next few years, the Portuguese electric car industry will attract more investment, the Government will take measures to encourage and promote the popularization of electric vehicles.
Socrates said the same day, from now on, the Portuguese civilian and new office buildings must be equipped with electric car charging points. In addition, domestic consumers to buy electric cars will be 5,000 euros per person government incentives, if the consumer first, to dispose of old fuel vehicles to buy electric cars, the Government will add another 1,500 euros award.
If the business to fuel electric cars replace the old car, the Portuguese government will also reduce the corporate income tax.


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