Windshield wiper: Small rubber, Big Effect

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Windshield wiper: Small rubber, Big Effect

Ice cold or heat Bull: wipers provide a clear view - and have been for 107 years. Important for their functionality is the regular care sony pcga-ac19v1. For defective rubbers deteriorate the visibility for the driver clearly.


His work is a single back and forth at each handled a wiper wiping the same distance, an average of 1.6 meters. For this he needs about two seconds at normal speed. That's 48 meters per minute, or nearly six kilometers per hour. If we add 50 rides in the rain two-hour per year, come along 290 km. The narrow rubber bands so do hard work. Since it is not surprising that they are usually after two years, or nearly 600 kilometers wiper track at the end of their performance. If she does not care thinkpad x40 battery, it may be much earlier come.

In the annals of automobile technology, the patent applies to the first working windshield wiper system in 1903. The US-American Mary Anderson was there. Their device consisted of a steering wheel mounted in close lever with which to put the driver on the windscreen of a spring-loaded swing arm with a rubber sheet in motion, then returning again to the starting position. 1926, the firm Bosch before a design in which an electric motor could commute a wiper arm including rubber lip on the car window to push away the rainwater.

Since then much improved and refined to regulate the use of rain sensors wipers, clocked her doing electronic new rubber compounds and new wiper profiles were used. What remains is the wear and tear. Earlier times, sometimes later terminate the wiper blades at the end of their physical stripes or streaks on the glass and be at risk to a rain-slicked roads. Smudges on the disc to deteriorate when wet, and increase the visibility in the dark also the glare from oncoming vehicles. In the worst case, they can ride the seconds turn into a dangerous flying blind. Therefore must be received then her replacement.

Wiper blades need care

"With a little attention, however, can" extend the life expectancy of the rubber helper, white Norbert Kühnl by the expert organization Dekra in Stuttgart. Rule number one: the wiper blades need for low-wear running water. "Foreign objects such as sand, ice and gross contamination, but also the dry sony pcga-ac16v6 disc shorten the life of the wiper blades, because it takes damage the delicate lip, which is responsible for the complete contact with the glass," warns Kühnl. Therefore, they should first pay attention to cold nights that some frozen slices in full before switching on the wiper Eisreste are thawed and removed completely.

Who uses the wiper as a disc cleaner should always add more water from the washing system. Gross contamination should be removed but better with water and sponge. In any car maintenance should also be included rubber wiper. entlangzufahren once with a soft damp cloth and the rubber will suffice. Foreign matter such as leaves or small branches that fall during the trip under the gums must be removed at the next stop carefully.

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