Yingli secretly storage industry, "Flywheel energy storage," grabbed the lead-acid batteries

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Yingli secretly storage industry, "Flywheel energy storage," grabbed the lead-acid batteries

July 8, Yingli Group CEO of seedlings with students in Hainan, Haikou, the joy of harvest two: First, Hainan Yingli an annual output of 100 megawatts of silicon solar cell production line officially put into operation, the second is the day the Bank of Hainan Branch gave the company 376 million yuan of the British Li Hainan credit loans.

Earlier, in Hebei Baoding Yingli and China Development Bank has just signed a $ 36 billion credit loans.

"Not bad money" in the case, seedlings with students more consideration is the British interest in the rapid development of the next point where?

In the "69 silicon industry", "Panda battery" and other secret weapon came to light, seedlings with students selected under a high input, high risk, high-yield projects flywheel energy storage equipment.

"End of the year can be a prototype, during the second five will produce at least 45 million units." Seedlings with students for the first time disclosed to reporters Yingli flywheel energy storage devices for detailed production schedule.

"Flywheel energy storage" progressive industrialization

Adherence to the "do not say not to warm the" logic of seedlings with students in Hainan, the first time revealed to reporters Yingli large storage projects progress.

Fought in the industry for 20 years, seedlings with students on the company's competitiveness secret conservative, is a name.

"69 silicon industry," Investing billions of dollars, until the test production, was officially unveiled to the outside world, even before Lee did not mention the British to do the upstream silicon raw materials.

What is more amazing is that second half of 2009 officially put into operation efficient "panda cell" lines, has now produced a product, Yingli Group's headquarters office is located on this line on the third floor, but so far this line of true, the company other people, never know.

Seedlings with students that came out, which means Yingli flywheel energy storage project industrial production is not far.

Reporters learned about a week ago, from Shandong University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and other large domestic energy storage research projects in leading institutions of the delegation composed of 11 experts, invited to come in Baoding Yingli large storage projects research base to visit.

And the large domestic energy storage and photovoltaic expert's visit is the first time showed Yingli own research, before the official industrial production, to seek the views of experts within the industry.

According to one insider, visiting the British interest in the research base and a large storage projects National Key Laboratory of photovoltaic technology, the experts was very excited. Some experts on the major energy storage projects have been engaged in decades of research, but the lack of industrialization of the experimental platform.

Day, seedlings with students is also a special back to Baoding, and these experts, members of the exchange. Miao Chan said Yingli willing to do large domestic energy storage and photovoltaic power generation and network technology research testbed.

Seedlings with students on the day of the forum, said Ying Lee is willing to help scientific research efforts of the experts, to intelligent communications, and smart grid as a major entry point for industrial storage project as soon as the industrialization of large storage projects.

This sentence is revealing a Yingli strategic layout of the flywheel energy storage project: intelligent communication and smart grid.

The reporter learned from the informed sources, British interest in the flywheel energy storage project with National Grid and other institutions have reached a cooperation agreement, without the support of these organizations, any domestic manufacturer of a large energy storage devices are not to rush into the water.

Seedlings with students, said the reporter, Yingli large energy storage device is made to the physical storage flywheel energy storage technology, has achieved results, you can launch the end of the first prototype.

In his view, the flywheel energy storage has many advantages: energy storage density, high efficiency, low cost, long life, environmental pollution, free from geographical constraints, is the most promising energy storage technologies.

However, the domestic foreign flywheel energy storage research about 10 years behind the U.S. venture capital involvement, the flywheel energy storage device has been done only a day to spend less than 2% of the energy storage.

Yingli made for flywheel energy storage device technology content, seedlings with students, said more than Europe and America, and localization rate of 80% of all production equipment is the custom of all the equipment, purchase of imported equipment without the use of the practice.

Technology is superior to lead acid batteries?

Miao Chan said Yingli flywheel energy storage project aimed at tackling the current and new materials, electrical equipment, etc., the current motor speed up to 60,000 turn the flywheel / s, the future of 14 million revolutions / s, how to solve the problem of new materials, is a direction of the flywheel energy storage research.

Now the production of multi-purpose steel flywheel will not cope with increasing speed. The other is the application of the motor life.

In seedlings with students view, flywheel energy storage industry is a key step in the life of their storage and application of the divisor, the ability to multi-purpose lead-acid batteries are compared. Flywheel energy storage device that can reach 25 years of life, its life longer than lead-acid batteries. According to the seedlings with students, said the British out of the first benefit of the flywheel energy storage prototype of 20-40-60 kW.

Although the number of 5 MW or more of the flywheel energy storage device technology in general is not mature, but the consistent play of seedlings with students, as long as it has future potential to capture the market first, Yingli will do it.

Yingli from the first prototype of the design scale, Yingli apparently chose Japan's small storage R & D line, but did not take Europe's largest energy storage R & D line.

The source said British interest in the large energy storage devices will take the market side, while R & D line. In fact, the Group Leader with the British into the use of British interest in the production platform, the large energy storage devices co-developed routes, has been proved.

Yingli stroke wheel energy storage technology to see, behind another "plan" - promising small and medium sized flywheel energy storage equipment market prospects. In this regard, Miao said, according to the current domestic technology, if it reaches 2 MW flywheel energy storage battery equipment, the weight will reach 120 kilograms, this monster is clearly not widespread applications. And 20 kilowatts of small reserves of flywheel energy storage devices, light weight, put on the bus roof, solar power can be integrated as part of its energy storage devices can be used as bus power source.

Meanwhile, the market for smart grid energy storage devices need a small weight. For example, 5 MW offshore windmill, height 45 meters, its power to energy storage, but also need to match the flywheel energy storage devices.

According to the reporter, Yingli to prepare large-scale production of the idea of flywheel energy storage battery equipment has caused a number of local governments Note: Tianjin, Beijing, Hebei Yingli three want to flywheel energy storage device into the local production line in Tianjin and even made many favorable investment conditions.

This may be the CDB and the Bank has a large-scale loans to the credit of the code word Yingli.

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